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The ASAM Criteria

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The ASAM Criteria

The ASAM Criteria is the nation’s most widely used and comprehensive set of standards for placement, continued stay, and transfer/discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions.

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ASAM Criteria 4th Edition Development

ASAM is currently working to develop the 4th Edition of The ASAM Criteria®  using a rigorous methodology for evidence review and formal consensus development under the guidance of a new editorial subcommittee.

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What is the ASAM Criteria?

 The ASAM Criteria is the most widely used and comprehensive set of standards for placement, continued stay, transfer, or discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions. Formerly known as the ASAM patient placement criteria,  The ASAM Criteria is the result of a collaboration that began in the 1980s to define one national set of criteria for providing outcome-oriented and results-based care in the treatment of addiction.


Who uses The ASAM Criteria?

Treatment Providers & Clinicians

  • Effectively apply The ASAM Criteria in your organization with the ASAM Criteria Textbook. Order Today.

  • Improve the quality of patient assessments with ASAM CONTINUUM, the only clinical decision support system for conducting an ASAM assessment. Learn more.

  • Apply The ASAM Criteria in your organization, clinical practice, and service delivery through training. Enroll in our online courses today.

  • Certify your treatment program’s ability to deliver a specific level of care. Learn more about our Level of Care Certification.

  • Free Paper-Based ASAM Criteria Paper-based Intake Assessment Guide developed by ASAM and the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs supports increased quality and consistency of patient assessments and patient-centered care.

  • The ASAM Criteria Implementation Guide addresses the need of treatment programs and systems of care to have a practical tool to help implement the standards found in The ASAM Criteria® . 

Administrators, Payers & Policymakers

  • States across the country are using The ASAM Criteria as the foundation of efforts to improve the addiction treatment system. Find out more about state implementation

  • Speaking The Same Language: A Toolkit for Strengthening Patient-Centered Addiction Care in the United States. Designed to help stakeholders establish a common framework and language across all payers, providers, and patients on describing addiction care and ensuring that care remains focused on the individualized needs of those living with SUD.

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Patients & Families

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