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The ASAM Criteria, 3rd Edition

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The ASAM Criteria, 3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition of the ASAM Criteria guides treatment professionals to conduct a “multidimensional” assessment that includes four broad treatment levels (1 through 4).

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ASAM Criteria

ASAM Criteria Third Edition Six Dimensions

The ASAM Criteria guides treatment professionals to conduct a “multidimensional” assessment, considering the broad range of biomedical, psychological, and social factors that impact a patient’s treatment and recovery support needs. The six dimensions of The ASAM Criteria inform the level of care recommendation and the treatment plan, supporting individualized, holistic, patient-centered care.

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ASAM Criteria Third Edition Levels of Care

The Third Edition of The ASAM Criteria includes four broad treatment levels (1 through 4). And within these four broad levels of care, decimal numbers express further gradations of intensity and types of care provided.

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Ambulatory withdrawal

Core Components of The ASAM Criteria

The ASAM Criteria standards include three core components that work in tandem when making level of care recommendations. As a patient enters addiction treatment, an ASAM Criteria Assessment is used to identify the patient’s clinical needs. The results of the assessment are applied to the Dimensional Admission Criteria to determine the recommended level of care.

The ASAM Criteria also define standards for the different levels of care across the continuum, describing the setting, staffing, service intensity and other core elements at each level of care

As a patient moves through treatment, they are regularly reassessed. The transition and continued service criteria are applied to determine if the patient is ready to move to a less intensive level of care, requires a more intensive level of care, or should continue at the current level of care.

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Implementation Tools

ASAM offers a variety of tools aimed at helping clinicians, payers, managed care entities, and policymakers implement The ASAM Criteria effectively.

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