Advancing Addiction Medicine in Five Steps 

Step 1: Sign up for Monthly Advocacy Updates

 The ASAM Advocate is a monthly newsletter containing useful news briefings of top stories in addiction policy, combined with ASAM developments related to national and state addiction medicine advocacy.



Step 2: Take Action through ASAM's Grassroots Advocacy Action Center

Through mass participation efforts leveraging emails, calls, and other contact with Congressional offices, you can support efforts to teach, standardize, and cover addiction medicine to help our country address the nation's addiction crisis.

Congress 101

Learn about the legislative process before you get started.


Advocacy App

Advocate using our convenient advocacy app! The app offers a straightforward way to receive action alerts from ASAM and contact your representatives. 

Take Action

Step 3: Attend the Addiction Medicine Advocacy Conference

Join ASAM members from across the country on March 22-23, 2021 for this two day virtual advocacy event. Participants will participate in carefully planned virtual meetings with Capitol Hill policymakers and their staff to advance an ambitious policy agenda to treat addiction and save lives. 

AMAC Conference

Step 4: Apply to an ASAM Advocacy Committee

ASAM members may apply to join an advocacy committee. These committees set ASAM public policy (Public Policy Committee), lead advocacy efforts (Legislative Advocacy Committee), and interface with payers and federal regulatory agencies and develop practice management resources (Practice Management and Regulatory Affairs Committee). For more information, email us at!


Step 5: Apply to the Addiction Medicine Action Network 

ASAM members who have connections with federal or state lawmakers, or are interested in building such relationships, may apply to join the Addiction Medicine Action Network, ASAM's grasstops program.  This new grasstops program will launch in 2021 with an inaugural class of up to 30 ASAM members.



ASAM is proud to work collaboratively with others to improve the lives of those living with addiction


Use these toolkits to help you advocate for public policies that advance addiction medicine and promote access to treatment.