Advancing Addiction Medicine


As a health care professional who treats addiction, you understand the impact that federal and state legislation has on your practice and your patients. At ASAM, we are committed to elevating the voices of addiction medicine among key policymakers - but we need your help. If you have connections to lawmakers, or you are interested in building advocacy relationships with policymakers, please consider applying below to join the ASAM Addiction Medicine Action Network (AMAN), ASAM's grasstops program!  This new grasstops program will launch in early 2021! You must be an ASAM member to apply. 

Advocacy Trainings

As a member of the AMAN, you will have access to live presentations briefing you on ASAM's policy priorities, tips for interacting with legislators, and other important subjects. All ASAM members, and AMAN members who missed the live trainings, can access them on our e-learning center here

Apply to the Addiction Medicine Action Network
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Take the Grasstops Relationship Survey!

If you are an ASAM Member who has connections to federal or state lawmakers, then please take five minutes to complete this survey so that we may collect information about those advocacy relationships. Note that while there is no option to input relationships with state lawmakers in the survey, we are interested in collecting that data - simply identify and describe any relationships that you have with your state legislators in the “notes” section of the survey. Take the survey!

Dr. Anika Alvanzo
Dr. Yngvild Olsen testifies before a congressional committee

As an AMAN member, you will:

  • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with members of Congress and other key officials
  • Engage in advocacy and media trainings and access helpful advocacy tools and resources
  • Receive technical assistance from ASAM advocacy staff to develop an individualized advocacy work plan
Dr. Ryan

Resources (Coming Soon!)

AMAN members may access tools to empower their advocacy here.