ASAM Award Programs


ASAM offers a wide variety of award and recognition programs for members and those contributing to the field of addiction medicine. Below is a list of the various awards and applications available.

Awards Program

Awards Program

  • Annual Award

  • ASAM Abstract Submission Award: Best Overall

  • ASAM Abstract Submission Award: Fellow - New!

  • ASAM Abstract Submission Award: Resident - New!

  • ASAM Abstract Submission Award: Young Investigator

  • ASAM Educator of the Year Award

  • Media Award

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Young Investigator Travel Award

  • Presidential Award

  • Public Policy Award

  • Ruth Fox Scholarships

  • The John P. McGovern Award on Addiction and Society

  • The R. Brinkley Smithers Distinguished Scientist Award


The Ruth Fox Scholarship program is funded exclusively through the Ruth Fox Endowment Fund. Scholars are awarded a fully-funded scholarship to attend the 49th ASAM Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, where you’ll learn about the treatment of substance use disorders and, receive a complimentary three year ASAM membership.

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ruth fox scholars

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Young Investigator Travel Award

The NIDA Young Investigator Travel Award encourages candidates in their second year of an addiction medicine fellowship, which is a research year, or currently working towards a PhD in an addiction-related research area, to apply for this award. The award's focus is to provide a training experience for young investigators in the area of drug addiction and infectious disease research through conference fellowships at The ASAM Annual Conference in 2018.

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