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Resources to empower the addiction treatment workforce

Resources to empower the addiction treatment workforce

Practice Management


National and State Guidance, Resources, and News Relating to Coronavirus and Addiction Treatment

This webpage contains guidance, resources, and news from around the country regarding addiction treatment in the wake of COVID-19.


Pharmacy Access Survey

The Pharmacy Access Survey Report uses data collected from ASAM’s Pharmacy Access Survey. This survey collected self-reported data from close to 200 respondents between February 2020 and September 2022. Respondents represent 32 different states. The implications of this survey data will be used to inform ASAM’s response to addressing pharmacy access issues and ensuring that all evidence-based medications for opioid use disorder, including buprenorphine, are readily available to those who need treatment.

Read the topline Pharmacy Access Survey Report here.

Read the full Pharmacy Access Survey Report here.   

performance measures

Private Practice

Learn about how to prepare for a DEA office visit, the ASAM Standards of Care, and more.



Learn how ASAM advocates for patient privacy protections as federal regulations are changed and updated.


Policies Governing Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder

Learn more about the federal reforms eliminating the buprenorphine waiver, as well as updates from ASAM to help its members navigate its implementation.


Healthcare Professional Diversity

Learn more about opportunities and efforts to diversify the addiction treatment workforce.

Billing and Coding

Access information on the language of reimbursement for addiction treatment services.


Third Party Payment

ASAM provides resources to assist clinicians when dealing with payer issues.

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