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  • News September 1, 2021

    Personal Stories during National Addiction Treatment Week

    “The isolation caused by the pandemic has worsened substance use disorder and it has worsened mental health,” said Dr. Garbely, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice President of Medical Strategy, Education and Research at Caron Treatment Centers. “This week will help put substance use disorder and the awareness of addiction treatment back in the forefront where it needs to be."
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  • News September 1, 2021

    Self-Care Crucial for Physicians During Ongoing Pandemic

    Health care professionals should have the same mentality – especially during a global pandemic, according to Penelope P. Ziegler, MD, DFASAM, chair of ASAM’s Physicians Health Special Interest Group. “Take care of yourself so you can breathe and then you can offer assistance to someone else,” said Dr. Ziegler, also Medical Director Emerita of Florida Professionals Resource Network.
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