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Implementation Tools

The ASAM Criteria

Implementation Tools

ASAM offers a variety of tools aimed at helping clinicians, payers, managed care entities, and policymakers implement The ASAM Criteria effectively.

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Note: Updates to these tools reflecting the changes to the Fourth Edition are in development.

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ASAM Criteria Training

Training on The ASAM Criteria is available through ASAM and our partners. Learn more here.

ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition Training Slides

A set of 300+ slides on the ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition is publicly available. To obtain the slides, accept our terms and conditions.


The ASAM Continuum

a computer-guided, structured clinical interview for assessing patients with clinical decision support for making level of care recommendations based on The ASAM Criteria.

ASAM Co-Triage

a computer-guided provisional referral tool designed to generate an initial level of care recommendation.

The ASAM Criteria® Navigator

Through a partnership with Change Healthcare, this software uses The ASAM Criteria in utilization review and management workflows.

Level of Care Certification

In partnership with CARF, provides an independent assessment of a treatment program’s ability to deliver services consistent with The ASAM Criteria®.

Speaking the Same Language Toolkit

A Toolkit for Strengthening Patient-Centered Addiction Care in the United States.

Implementation Guide

A practical tool to help implement the standards found in The ASAM Criteria®.

Intake Assessment Tool

The first publicly available standardized version of the ASAM Criteria assessment.



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