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Implementation Tools

The ASAM Criteria

Implementation Tools

ASAM offers a variety of tools aimed at helping clinicians, payers, managed care entities, and policymakers implement The ASAM Criteria effectively.

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Timeline of implementation tools in development for ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition.


Note: Updates to these tools reflecting the changes to the Fourth Edition are in development.

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ASAM Criteria Training

Training on The ASAM Criteria is available through ASAM and our partners. Learn more here.

ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition Training Slides

A set of 300+ slides on the ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition is publicly available. To obtain the slides, accept our terms and conditions.



The ASAM Continuum

a computer-guided, structured clinical interview for assessing patients with clinical decision support for making level of care recommendations based on The ASAM Criteria.

ASAM Co-Triage

a computer-guided provisional referral tool designed to generate an initial level of care recommendation.

The ASAM Criteria® Navigator

Through a partnership with Change Healthcare, this software uses The ASAM Criteria in utilization review and management workflows.

Downloadable Resources

Speaking the Same Language Toolkit

A Toolkit for Strengthening Patient-Centered Addiction Care in the United States.

Intake Assessment Tool

The first publicly available standardized version of the ASAM Criteria assessment. An updated 4th edition tool estimated to be released Q3 2024.

Quick Resources, 4th Edition

This downloadable includes:

  • Continuum of Care Overview Figure PDF
  • Core Service Characteristics
  • Risk Rating List and Tracker
  • Level of Care Flow Chart
  • and more!

Service Request Forms, 4th Edition

Downloadable service request forms for submission to payers. The Service Request Form for admission is available and continued service will be available June 2024.


Treatment Planning Template, 4th Edition

(Currently in development) Downloadable treatment planning template.

Have an idea? Let us know!

If you have an idea for an implementation tool that would be helpful in implementing The ASAM Criteria, Fourth Edition, please let us know at 


Level of Care Certification

In partnership with CARF, provides an independent assessment of a treatment program’s ability to deliver services consistent with The ASAM Criteria®.

Level of Care Certification Training

These self-paced courses enhance your understanding of the standards and the rating elements of the ASAM Level of Care Certification in Levels 3.1, 3.5, and 3.7, and explain how these could be implemented into your program’s policies and procedures. 



Implementation Guide

A practical tool to help implement the standards found in The ASAM Criteria®.

Clinical Tools

Additional clinical tools available for purchase.



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