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The ASAM Criteria® Powered by InterQual®

ASAM Criteria®


ASAM offers diverse ASAM Criteria software solutions to meet your practice needs.

ASAM CONTINUUMâ„¢ The ASAM Criteria® Powered by InterQual®
Criteria SOftware

ASAM CONTINUUM is a computer-guided, structured interview for assessing patients with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions, built from The ASAM Criteria. Visit the ASAM CONTINUUM  authorized distributor page to learn more about how to purchase ASAM CONTINUUM for use in your practice or organization. 

ASAM CO-Triage

The ASAM CO-Triage is a computer-guided provisional referral tool designed to generate an initial level of care placement for individuals with substance use problems. The CO-Triage tool assists clinicians with identifying broad categories of treatment need along the six ASAM Criteria dimensions and is intended to direct patients to a level of care placement where they can receive a comprehensive ASAM assessment. The CO-Triage tool was designed for both non-medical and medical settings and can be delivered by providers who are non-specialists in addiction medicine. 

The ASAM Criteria® Powered by InterQual®

ASAM has partnered with Change Healthcare to develop software for using The ASAM Criteria in utilization review and management. The ASAM Criteria Powered by InterQual converts The ASAM Criteria into a structured, interactive tool for utilization management that helps streamline and improve the medical review process for substance use disorder patients.

The “Speaking the Same Language” Toolkit recently released by ASAM and Wellbeing Trust discusses how The ASAM Criteria Powered by InterQual can help support comprehensive, effective implementation of The ASAM Criteria.

The tool provides for the review of both adult and adolescent patients, levels of care, including withdrawal management levels. It provides a structured Q&A format to improve efficiency and consistency. After a level of care is requested, the algorithm leads the user to a recommendation as to whether that level is appropriate along with services to address co-occurring conditions or disorders that a patient may have. Reviews are completed in under 15 minutes and the standardized format is designed to improve consistency between reviewers.

This solution can help payers and providers:

  • Meet regulatory and legislative requirements for use of evidence-based medical necessity criteria for SUD patients
  • Test interrater reliability to meet consistency and accuracy requirements for NCQA, URAC, and many states
  • Improve efficiency and standardization
  • Identify the safest, least restrictive level of care for a given patient
  • Improve the workflow with providers to increase efficiency and remove manual, burdensome processes for authorization

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