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User Release Notes

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Release Notes – Version 3.23 (August 1, 2023)

Updates to CONTINUUM Narrative and Summary Report, Diagnostic Findings Section

  • The Drug use table found in the Summary Report has now also been added to the Narrative Report.
  • It is possible that a patient could be at risk of imminent withdrawal from a substance even if the patient does not actually meet a DSM-5 substance use disorder diagnosis. This can occur with the use of prescribed medications that induce physiologic dependence. In such cases, the Narrative and Summary Reports will now show an alert in the Diagnostic Findings section, within the Drug Use table. Specifically, an “Imminent Risk of Withdrawal” column has been added to the Drug Use table, and a check will appear in the box when a patient is at imminent risk of withdrawal. Previously, imminent risk of withdrawal was only indicated when a patient also met the criteria for a substance use disorder shown by a check in the DSM-5-TR Diagnosis: Substance Use Disorder(s) table.
  • Please see the following screenshot displaying an example of a person at imminent risk of withdrawal from alcohol, who does not have an alcohol use disorder diagnosis:

Update to CONTINUUM Interview, Legal Information Section

  • For data consistency, a new warning message has been added to the Legal Information Section. When “yes” is selected for the question, "Have you ever been arrested or charged for any reason?" (ASl01z), but zero is entered for all of the questions ASl03 - ASl18 (e.g., "Shoplifting/vandalism", "Parole/probation violation", "Drug charges", etc.) OR zero is entered for ASl03 – ASl14c and ASl16 – ASl18 are left blank. This will prompt the interviewer to check and assure that the entered information is consistent.
  • Message text will read: WARNING: The response indicates the patient has been arrested or charged, however no arrests or charges were reported in ASl03 - ASl18 below.
  • Please see the following screenshot of the new warning message where zero was entered for ASl03 - ASl18:

Update to CONTINUUM Narrative Report, Interviewer Impressions and Recommendations Output

  • To be more patient-centric and avoid assumptions that could inadvertently imply intent, we have modified the question pattern regarding patient misrepresentation of information to be more objective. This occurs in the Narrative Report “Interviewer Impressions and Recommendations” output for all the following Sections: Medical, Employment, Alcohol & Drug, Legal, Family/Social, and Psychiatric.Please see the following change below from the red highlighted wording to the green:
  • Previously: It is my impression that [Patient] understood all of the questions, and that she did not deliberately misrepresent information about her drug or alcohol use and history.
  • Now: I think [Patient] understood all of the questions and did not significantly misrepresent information about her drug or alcohol use and history.

User Release - Previous Updates

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Version 3.21 Release (May 9, 2023)
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Version 3.16 Release  (October 11, 2022)
Version 3.15 Release  (August 30, 2022)
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Version 3.10 Release (February 1, 2022)
Version 3.9 Release (December 21th 2021)
Version 3.8 Release (November 16th 2021)
Version 3.7 Release (October 5th 2021)
Version 3.6 Release (August 17th 2021)
Version 2.7 Release August 2019
Version 2.8 Release November 2019
Version 2.9 Release December 2019
Version 2.10 Release February 2020
Version 2.10.1 Release March 2020
Version 2.11 Release April 2020
Version 2.12 Release May 2020
Version 2.13 Release June 2020
Version 3.0 Release July 2020
Version 3.1 Release August 27th 2020
Version 3.1.2 Release (September 28th 2020)
Version 3.2 Release November 20th 2020)
Version 3.2.4 Release (February 24th 2021)
Version 3.3 Release (April 20th 2021)
Version 3.3.1 Release (April 28th 2021)
Version 3.3.3 Release (April 30th 2021)
Version 3.4 Release (June 1st 2021)
Version 3.5 Release (July 8th 2021)

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