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User Release Notes

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Release Notes – Version 3.19 (February 14, 2023)

CONTINUUM/CO-Triage Support Form 

Interviewer’s Name Now Added to Customer Support Form
When submitting a support ticket in CONTINUUM/CO-Triage,
interviewers will now be able to add their names to the form. This will help customer support communicate more effectively with CONTINUUM users who submit support tickets. More than one name and email can be added to the support forms. 



CONTINUUM/CO-Triage Items 

OTP Level of Care Option Added
Some CONTINUUM interview questions require the interviewer to specify a Level of Care. For example: 

  • ASd21a: "In the past 90 days, have you relapsed after being discharged from, or dropping out of, another treatment program? What type?" 

For these items that ask about a Level of Care (including ASd21a, Post07, Post08, Post09, Post11, Rvw14, and Rvw14a), we have now added another option: Opioid Treatment Program (OTP). This now appears after Opioid Treatment Service (OTS).  

In CO-Triage, the new OTP option has been added to Rvw14 and Rvw14a. 

OTP refers to a federally regulated methadone program, while OTS refers to office-based MOUD (medications for opioid use disorder) treatment. 

  • ASd21a: "In the past 90 days, have you relapsed after being discharged from, or dropping out of, another treatment program? What type?”  
  • Post07: What are acceptable Levels of Care for which the patient's mental status is sufficiently stable and adequate to participate in therapeutic interventions and to benefit from treatment?
  • Post08: "Are any particular treatment settings unacceptable to you?" 
  • Post09: "Are there any settings of care that might be unavailable to you because of travel or insurance problems?" 
  • Post11: Given what you know about this patient, what best treatment(s) would you recommend at this time?  
  • Rvw14: Category of primary final disposition (i.e., where the patient is actually being sent to treatment)
  • Rvw14a: Category of secondary or additional final disposition(s) (i.e., where the patient is actually being sent to treatment):

Medical History – Infectious Disease List Revised

A new response option, “Infectious disease,” is being added to ASm01a (in CONTINUUM) and ASm06Px (in both CONTINUUM and CO-Triage).  

The previous response option, “Immune/rheumatologic” for both items will be changed to “Autoimmune/rheumatologic.” 

The changes will appear as follows: 

For ASm01a (CONTINUUM only): "What physical or medical problems have you had, of any kind? Think about any surgeries or hospitalizations you have had or any medicines you may have taken. "  


For ASm06Px (both CONTINUUM and CO-Triage): "What kind of problems were they?" 

New Warning Message (CONTINUUM only) 

To support internal consistency, a warning message will appear if “Infectious disease” is not selected in ASm01a (“What physical or medical problems have you had, of any kind?” ) but “yes” is selected for ASm03c, ASm03d, and/or ASm03e:

  • ASm03c: "Do you have any sexually transmitted disease?"
  • ASm03d: If patient has HIV or AIDS, ask: "Do you need special nursing or medical care or complicated medicines that can't be handled at home or on an outpatient basis ?"
  • ASm03e: "Do you have a tuberculosis infection (TB)? Have you ever tested positive for TB?"  

This warning message will appear in amber and will read, “WARNING: The response indicates an infectious disease, however “Infectious disease” was not selected in ASm01a above.” 


CONTINUUM Narrative Report 

The Narrative Report has now been expanded to include several items that interviewers have found potentially helpful. When the interviewer types in comments for the following items, they will now appear in the Narrative Report: 

General Information Section:

  • GndrldN: “Please specify your Gender Identity?
  • PrnounsN: “Please specify your Pronouns?
  • ASg19N: If the controlled environment was indicated as "other" above, describe that other controlled environment:
  • GenInfoN: Intake Notes 

Medical Section:

  • ASm01aN: Please provide further detail (e.g., specific diagnoses):
  • ASm06PxN: List the other medical problems mentioned: 

Employment Section:

  • ASe03N: "Describe your profession, trade or skill.

Alcohol & Drug Section:

  • ASd25jN: What are the physician's reasons for readmission to Opioid Treatment Service (OTS)?
  • SubsUseN: Comments: 

Additionally, responses to the following items will be added to the Narrative Report Problem List, Dimension 3 – Emotional, Behavioral, or Cognitive Conditions and Complications:

  • ASp01c: “What psychological or emotional problems have you had?
  • ASp01cN: Please provide further detail (e.g., specific diagnoses):
  • ASp19j: Given the history and any new information, what active psychiatric diagnoses does the patient seem to have (other than substance use disorder)?
  • ASp19jC: Please provide further detail (e.g., specific diagnoses):
    • NOTE: This question appears if ASp19j is answered as “Other.” 


Previous Updates

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Version 3.17 Release  (December 6, 2022)
Version 3.16 Release  (October 11, 2022)
Version 3.15 Release  (August 30, 2022)
Version 3.14 Release (July 19, 2022)
Version 3.13 Release (June 7, 2022)
Version 3.12 (April 26, 2022)
Version 3.11 (March 15, 2022)
Version 3.10 Release (February 1, 2022)
Version 3.9 Release (December 21th 2021)
Version 3.8 Release (November 16th 2021)
Version 3.7 Release (October 5th 2021)
Version 3.6 Release (August 17th 2021)
Version 2.7 Release August 2019
Version 2.8 Release November 2019
Version 2.9 Release December 2019
Version 2.10 Release February 2020
Version 2.10.1 Release March 2020
Version 2.11 Release April 2020
Version 2.12 Release May 2020
Version 2.13 Release June 2020
Version 3.0 Release July 2020
Version 3.1 Release August 27th 2020
Version 3.1.2 Release (September 28th 2020)
Version 3.2 Release November 20th 2020)
Version 3.2.4 Release (February 24th 2021)
Version 3.3 Release (April 20th 2021)
Version 3.3.1 Release (April 28th 2021)
Version 3.3.3 Release (April 30th 2021)
Version 3.4 Release (June 1st 2021)
Version 3.5 Release (July 8th 2021)

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