Use these resources to advocate for change at the state level.

State Advocacy Resources

“Enhanced Attestation”: A Simple Tool Regulators Can Use to Help Enforce the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act

The “Enhanced Attestation” form guides payers through the necessary analyses to demonstrate compliance with the law, which can then be made available to a state department of insurance upon request for its own regulatory review. An “enhanced attestation” form requires issuers to attest that they have performed analyses in each the categories of compliance covered by the federal parity law. Access the form here.

Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector

The Opioid Resource Connector assists communities in mounting a comprehensive response to the opioid crisis. It provides a curated collection of community-focused programs, tools, and resources to help stakeholders choose, design, and implement essential interventions. It is a product of Brandeis Opioid Policy Research Collaborative.

Model State Parity Legislation

The American Psychiatric Association developed model parity legislation specifically adapted for each state, amending the appropriate sections of state code or creating new sections in the right titles or chapters and includes appropriate terminology for each state.

Mental Health and Substance Use State Fact Sheets

In this national summary and in the accompanying fact sheets, the Kaiser Family Foundation examines national and state-level data on mental health both before and during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Rural Community Toolbox

Federal resources that can help rural communities become strong, healthy, prosperous, and resilient places to live and work.

Multistate's 2020 Legislative Session Dates

A 2020 legislative session dates chart, which also contains a map summarizing session disruptions resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Multistate's 2020 Governors and Legislatures Chart

MultiState’s Governors and Legislatures chart is a one-stop reference sheet for gubernatorial and legislative partisan control. Click the button to download the PDF quick-reference version.

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