American Society of Addiciton Medicine

State Advocacy Resources

State Advocacy Resources

ASAM offers several advocacy resources for members interested in driving change.

ASAM State Cannabis Public Health Policy Guide

As more states approve adult use cannabis programs, ASAM reviews states' approved regulations and informs advocates as to whether and where states are in alignment with ASAM's recommendations in specific policy areas.

General Tips for State Advocacy

ASAM assembled a starter guide for chapter members looking to jump start their advocacy operations.

How ASAM Helps Chapters in Their Advocacy

This helpful document provides an overview of the technical support that ASAM offers for state chapter advocacy.

ASAM Toolkits

ASAM has compiled informative resources, initiatives, and statistics into a variety of toolkits to empower clinicians and other stakeholders to advocate for an improved addiction treatment system.

ASAM Opioid Litigation Brief

As lawsuits across the country start to reach settlements, state, local and tribal governments must use the new funding to empower addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts. 

External Resources

Find external tools here designed to help support your advocacy efforts.

Conflicts of Interest and Opioid Litigation Proceeds: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

A quick take outlining potential conflicts of interest within decision-making and advisory councils that identifies best practices from states with extensive protocols for conflicts of interest, and provides recommendations based on these findings.


Opioid Settlement Funds: State-Level Guides for Community Advocates from Vital Strategies

A comprehensive guide to opioid settlement funds for all 50 states and the District of Columbia from the community perspective.

National Allocation of Opioid Settlement Funds by State

Interactive map providing information about the status and amount of money from opioid settlements in each state.

Model Opioid Litigation Proceeds Act

Model law drafted by the Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association (LAPPA) to oversee the distribution of opioid settlement funds. 

State Toolkit to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic: Leading-Edge Actions and Strategies to Remove Barriers to Evidence-based Patient Care

The American Medical Association and Manatt Health have released this toolkit to guide states on removing barriers to evidence-based patient care.  States have taken different approaches to expand treatment for patients with addiction, and the toolkit provides feedback on what’s working.

Brandeis Opioid Resource Connector

The Opioid Resource Connector assists communities in mounting a comprehensive response to the opioid crisis. It provides a curated collection of community-focused programs, tools, and resources to help stakeholders choose, design, and implement essential interventions. It is a product of Brandeis Opioid Policy Research Collaborative.

Mental Health and Substance Use State Fact Sheets

In this national summary and in the accompanying fact sheets, the Kaiser Family Foundation examines national and state-level data on mental health both before and during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Rural Community Toolbox

Federal resources that can help rural communities become strong, healthy, prosperous, and resilient places to live and work.