ASAM is committed to fostering diversity in the addiction treatment workforce, and expanding access to care in underserved and marginalized communities.

Healthcare Professional Diversity


Workforce Advocacy

Learn about ASAM's advocacy to secure funding for programs that would expand access to addiction treatment for underserved communities.

Letter from the President

Read a letter from ASAM's president, Dr. Paul Earley, outlining ASAM’s commitment to addressing racial injustice and health disparities. 

SAMHSA's Minority Fellowship Program (MFP)

The Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) aims to reduce health disparities and improve behavioral health care outcomes for racial and ethnic populations.

AMA Diversity Resources

The AMA has an extensive collection of news and resources dedicated to creating a culturally aware and diverse physician workforce.

The American Psychiatric Association's Diversity and Health Equity Resources

The APA compiles education, engagement, and advocacy opportunities to serve the needs of evolving, diverse, underrepresented and underserved patient populations; and work to end disparities in mental health care. 

AAMC Diversity and Inclusion Resources

The AAMC embraces a broad definition of diversity and develops initiatives, data, tools and resources to help its members and the academic medicine community realize this mission.

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