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ASAM Weekly for January 3, 2023

by ASAM Weekly Editors

This Week in the ASAM Weekly

To borrow from a conceptualization about human behavior — a good way to predict future news is to look at past news. This week we present to you the most read news publications of 2022. 

Well-recognized individuals — celebrities (Rolling Stone) and physicians alike (New Haven Register)— are hugely important for helping shift our understanding of addiction. Treatments that are considered game changers (LA TimesMSN) or changing the course of illness (MedPage) will equally gain our attention. 

There is always space in the news cycle for the next emerging drug threat whether it’s a derivation of cannabis (NY Times), an animal tranquilizer (KHN), or one of the most commonly prescribed medications (UPI). In addition, a deeper appreciation for the human experience and drug use has taken hold in recent years (NY Times), helping shepherd greater acceptance towards the psychedelic medicine movement (NY Times).

Wishing the best to all our colleagues for 2023.

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Nicholas Athanasiou, MD, MBA, DFASAMEditor in Chiefwith Co-Editors: Brandon Aden, MD, Debra R. Newman, PA-C, MSPAS, MPH, Jack Woodside, MD, John A. Fromson, MD

Most Read News of 2022

On ‘Last Week Tonight,’ John Oliver Takes on the Nation’s Dumbest Drug Myth

Rolling Stone

High-dose drug treats fentanyl overdose, if you can get it

New Haven Register

A man who lost 80 pounds on a 'game changer' weight-loss drug also lost his desire to drink alcohol. Experts say the drug could be a treatment for addiction. 


The Next Big Addiction Treatment

The New York Times 

What Is Delta-8, and Why Is It So Popular?

The New York Times 

Can a monthly injection be the key to curbing addiction? These experts say yes

Los Angeles Times 

They Call It ‘Tranq’ — And It’s Making Street Drugs Even More Dangerous


Medication for Drinking Addiction May Thwart Liver Disease 

MedPage Today 

The Most Important Question About Addiction

The New York Times 

Gabapentin's link to fatal drug overdoses draws concern

UPI News