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NIDA Young Investigator Travel Award Recipients

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NIDA Young Investigator Travel Award Recipients

The NIDA Young Investigator Travel Award encourages young investigators who are within 5-10 years of earning their PhD, MD, or DO degree entering the fields of addiction research and practice. The awards focus is to provide a training experience for young investigators in the area of drug addiction through conference fellowships at the ASAM Annual Conference.

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2024 NIDA Young Investigator Travel Award Recipients

Loretta Akpala, MD

Gina Liu

Patricio Ruano

Shraddha Damaraju, MD

Allison Kannam

Brian McAllister

Martha Whitfield

Claire Simon


  • Plaque
  • $1,300 Monetary Award to help defray expenses incurred in attending The ASAM Annual Conference such as travel and hotel expenses.
  • ASAM Annual Conference Registration
  • One-Year Complimentary ASAM Membership

Application Requirements

  • Applicant must be working in the area of drug addiction and infectious disease research. A supporting letter from their academic advisor or department chair, giving a brief history of their training and likelihood of success as an independent clinical investigator, or an NIH biosketch.
  • A one-page focused career statement (mini-bio and photo), describing your interest in the travel award including career goals and ambitions with an emphasis on your research goals, your most significant research accomplishments, and why you think this award would benefit you at this time in your career.
  • Applicants must present evidence of US citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • If you are unable to attend the ASAM Annual Conference, we regret that the monetary award will be withdrawn.
  • Winners are not eligible to reenter the competition in subsequent years.

Submission Information

Award Presentation

Presented at The ASAM Annual Conference


Past Award Recipients

2022 - Hollywood, Florida

Hamed Ekhtiari, MD
Kevin Xu, MD

2021 (Virtual)

Rohit Abraham, MD
Daniel Brook
Raagini Jawa, MD
Robert W. Kirchoff, MD
Jarratt Pytell, MD

2020 (Virtual)

Benjamin Bearnot, MD
Emanuel N. Husu, MD
Pallavi Joshi, MD
Ogorchukwu F. Omede, MD
Alyssa Peterkin, MD
Siddarth Puri, MD
Cameron Risma, MD
Kathryn Rooney, MD
Jasleen Salwan, MD, MPH
Natalie Spiller, MD, MBA
Kimberly Stubbs, MD
Jamie Weinand, MD