State Implementation

In-depth training including activities that support the development of the knowledge and skills required to implement The ASAM Criteria

State implementation

ASAM has a responsibility – to providers, payers, regulators, patients and their families – to ensure The ASAM Criteria continues to be equated with high-quality care proven to be effective in addiction treatment.

ASAM's Fair Use guidelines allow states to use The ASAM Criteria in laws, regulations, and policies free of charge and with no permission agreement. Providing education on The ASAM Criteria, including basic introductory training, falls within fair use and does not require a permissions agreement.

Providing more in-depth training, including activities that support the development of the knowledge and skills required to implement The ASAM Criteria, does require a permission agreement. This permission agreement is available to states free of charge and allows state employees to provide The ASAM Criteria training or technical assistance.


Orlando Wright, Phd., LCSW-C

Director, Partnerships and Innovation 



Associated Webinars for States on the ASAM Criteria Permissions Process

The ASAM Criteria copyright and permissions process was updated to include agreements to enable public entities, providers, and other stakeholders to reference their use of The ASAM Criteria. The changes are part of a range of programs designed to support effective implementation of The ASAM Criteria and protect ASAM’s intellectual property from misuse. These programs include an ASAM Level of Care certification program delivered by CARF, a robust training program on The ASAM Criteria, and ongoing enhancements to the ASAM CONTINUUM software – a clinical decision support tool used to assist in treatment planning for individuals with addiction. All of these initiatives have the end goals of protecting patients and preserving the credibility of providers accurately implementing the evidence-based standards found in The ASAM Criteria.

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Criteria Educational Offerings

ASAM provides live and on-demand training on The ASAM Criteria, preparation for the level of care certification, utilization management, and others.

Foundational Understanding of the ASAM Criteria

This 8-hour e-Learning course is fully online and can be completed at your own pace. The flow of this course uses a mix of didactic materials, case studies, learning activities, and assessments to help you understand the underlying principles of The ASAM Criteria, how to conduct multidimensional patient assessment, and determine an appropriate level of care.

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This is a live, single day workshop designed to educate providers and clinicians in the appropriate use of the Criteria throughout the course of treatment. This course incorporates an opportunity for participants to practice applying the information through case-based, faculty-guided activities. Hosting a live course requires a minimum of three months notice.

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ASAM CONTINUUM Software Education

ASAM CONTINUUM aids clinicians in conducting a full biopsychosocial assessment that addresses all six dimensions of The ASAM Criteria.

This is a live, single day product course is designed to provide further education for providers and clinicians on applying the principles taught in The ASAM Criteria 8-Hour Course and using the ASAM CONTINUUM software to support effective implementation and development of individualized assessments. This course allows the opportunity to role play and understand how to use the tool in real world client situations. The content has a focus on utilizing The ASAM Criteria dimensions and operationalizing the principles into the standardized software tool. Hosting a live course requires a minimum of three months’ notice.

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