American Society of Addiciton Medicine

State Implementation of The ASAM Criteria

Quality Care

State Implementation of The ASAM Criteria


ASAM has a responsibility – to providers, payers, regulators, patients, and their families – to ensure The ASAM Criteria continues to be equated with high-quality care proven to be effective in addiction treatment.

  • ASAM's Fair Use guidelines allow states to use The ASAM Criteria in laws, regulations, and policies free of charge and with no permission agreement. Providing education on The ASAM Criteria, including basic introductory training, falls within fair use and does not require a permissions agreement.

  • Providing more in-depth training, including activities that support the development of the knowledge and skills required to implement The ASAM Criteria, does require a permission agreement. This permission agreement is available to states free of charge and allows state employees to provide The ASAM Criteria training or technical assistance.

  • State or government entities, learn how to implement the ASAM Criteria using fair use guidelines by contacting:

    Orlando Wright, Phd., LCSW-C
    Director, Partnerships and Innovation