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The ASAM CONTINUUM is the decision engine for The ASAM Criteria. CONTINUUM is a computer-guided, structured interview for assessing patients with addictive, substance-related, and co-occurring conditions, built from The ASAM Criteria. ASAM CONTINUUM and The ASAM Criteria text should be used in tandem; the text provides the background and guidance for proper use of the software, and the software enables comprehensive, standardized evaluation. With the ASAM CONTINUUM, clinicians can easily conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial patient risk and needs assessment along all six ASAM Criteria dimensions while determining The ASAM Criteria level of care recommendation.

With ASAM CONTINUUM, clinicians can easily:

  • Conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial patient risk and needs assessment created from The ASAM Criteria
  • Accurately determine the most applicable ASAM Criteria level of care using ASAM CONTINUUM’s decision logic
  • Obtain ASI Severity Subscale Composite Scores: Medical, Alcohol, Drug, Psychological, Employment, Family/Social and Legal
  • Complete CIWA and CINA assessments for withdrawal are built directly into the assessment
  • Operates within the foundation of numerous existing EHR systems
  • Those using ASAM CONTINUUM reported
    • 30% better patient retention rates at three months
    • Increased patient engagement
    • Two to three times better multidimensional outcomes at three months
    • See the full list of benefits here

Developed after more than 20 years of research, ASAM CONTINUUM is the only product authorized by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to produce an accurate ASAM dimensional assessment and level of care recommendation

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About ASAM CO-Triage

The ASAM CONTINUUM Triage (CO-Triage®) is a computer-guided provisional referral tool designed to generate an initial level of care placement for individuals with substance use problems. The CO-Triage tool assists clinicians with identifying broad categories of treatment need along the six ASAM Criteria dimensions and is intended to direct patients to a level of care placement where they can receive a comprehensive ASAM assessment. The CO-Triage tool was designed for both non-medical and medical settings and can be delivered by providers who are non-specialists in addiction medicine.   

With ASAM CO-Triage, clinicians can easily:

  • Obtain a provisional ASAM Level of Care treatment recommendations
  • Quickly and easily identify ASAM dimensional needs that require immediate medical attention including any withdrawal management, co-occurring, or bio-medical enhanced services
  • Increase the likelihood that patients are referred to the correct ASAM level of care
  • Operates within the foundation of numerous existing EHR systems and synchronizes with the ASAM CONTINUUM tool
  • See the benefits: faster assessment, faster referral

Resources for Distributors and Developers

Visit the ASAM CONTINUUM authorized distributor page to learn more about how to purchase ASAM CONTINUUM for use in your practice or organization.