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Release Notes


Release Notes

Version 3.9 Release (December 21th 2021)


  • The Review Section of CO-TRIAGE will now display as “100% complete” when all questions in this section are answered. Section completion progress can be tracked through the percentage listed on the navigation panel. This update was initiated to encourage users to report the Final Level of Care Placement and final disposition data.


  • In the Medical History section, if the user indicates that a patient is experiencing signs or symptoms that may require a medically monitored Level of Care (e.g., fever of 102 degrees or more, unsteadiness on feet or walking problems, HIV/AIDS, toxic psychosis, etc.), but the clinician does not endorse that the patient needs inpatient medical monitoring in ASm09 (How would you rate the patient’s need for medical treatment?), a warning message will now appear to alert the clinician to consider a medically monitored Level of Care. The following message will appear in orange: “WARNING: The response to earlier items suggests that the patient has immediate possible medical problems (e.g., uncertain disulfiram reaction, toxic psychosis, delirium tremens, overdose, significant head trauma, seizure(s), extreme fever, neurological condition, liver disease, acute pancreatitis, or another condition which could be severely and immediately dangerous with continued substance use). These are problems that may require further evaluation, on-site medical monitoring, and immediate changes in the treatment plan. Did you mean to select this option?”

  • In the General Information section, ASg19 (Have you been in a controlled environment in the past 30 days?) now appears on-screen above ASg14 ( “How long have you resided in your current living situation?”). If the user selects a controlled environment in ASg19, they will be prompted to complete a RISE assessment. If they elect to switch to the RISE, ASg14 will change to the RISE wording. This prevents users from having to answer ASg14 twice – first in the standard CONTINUUM, then again in RISE.

Report Updates:

To increase the utility of the Narrative Report for users, we have added two new sections, i: (1) a Final Level of Care Recommendation and (2) an Actual Level of Care

Previous Updates

Version 3.8 Release (November 16th 2021)
Version 3.7 Release (October 5th 2021)
Version 3.6 Release (August 17th 2021)
Version 3.5 Release (July 8th 2021)
Version 3.4 Release (June 1st 2021)
Version 3.3.3 Release (April 30th 2021)
Version 3.3.1 Release (April 28th 2021)
Version 3.3 Release (April 20th 2021)
Version 3.2.4 Release (February 24th 2021)
Version 3.2 Release November 20th 2020)
Version 3.1.2 Release (September 28th 2020)
Version 3.1 Release August 27th 2020
Version 3.0 Release July 2020
Version 2.13 Release June 2020
Version 2.12 Release May 2020
Version 2.11 Release April 2020
Version 2.10.1 Release March 2020
Version 2.10 Release February 2020
Version 2.9 Release December 2019
Version 2.8 Release November 2019
Version 2.7 Release August 2019

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