The ASAM Advocate Headerv

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The ASAM Advocate contains six sections to provide an exhaustive resource on what is new in addiction medicine advocacy and policy.

  • National Advocacy contains information on ASAM's efforts regarding legislative and regulatory advocacy at the federal level.
  • State Advocacy highlights the incredible work of ASAM's state chapters to ensure that addiction policy in their state empowers them to treat their patients.
  • Happenings on the Ground covers advocacy efforts by ASAM members and staff, including congressional testimonies and briefings.
  • Member Voices collects media, including op-eds and podcasts, authored by or featuring ASAM members discussing addiction policy and the practice of addiction medicine. 
  • Addiction Policy in the News compiles the most insightful news media discussing addiction policy from the last month.
  • Make a Difference provides new opportunities every month for readers to get involved in promoting commonsense addiction policy.