American Society of Addiciton Medicine

Universal Disclosure Policy


Universal Disclosure Policy


ASAM has adopted a universal disclosure policy and implemented procedures to comply with principles developed by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies Code with Interactions with Companies.

All ASAM Board of Directors and Committee Members are now required to complete ASAM’s Universal Disclosure form annually to ensure the integrity of its policies, positions, publications, educational programming, and other services.

ASAM Council and Committee Chairs will be responsible for reviewing the disclosures prior to every meeting and will take action to mitigate any potential conflicts. In addition, each meeting will begin with an acknowledgment that the disclosure forms have been reviewed and to remind members to submit a new statement whenever changes in status occur.

ASAM is committed to ensuring the privacy of our members. The Universal Disclosure forms will be completed and securely stored in your ASAM Member Portal and restricted from public access with the exception of ASAM's Board of Directors disclosure forms which are made available to the public due to their role and fiduciary responsibilities to ASAM.

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) maintains certain regulations that may require different criteria to remain compliant for ASAM’s ability to provide continuing medical education credits. Therefore, if you are a member of an education committee, you may be required to submit additional disclosure forms to ensure compliance.

Please click here to log into your ASAM Member Portal.  For instructions, please see below

Universal Disclosure Instructions

How to Create Disclosure

  1. Log into your ASAM Member Portal and then “My Profile”
  2. Click on "Community"
  3. Click on "Create Disclosure Form"
  4.  Complete questions accordingly.  Once information is completed, click on “Preview” to review your answers.  If the answers are correct, click “Save”.  If you would like to make changes, click on “Back to Edit”, make changes then click “Save”.
  5. If you have a current UD, you can edit by clicking on “Create Disclosure Form” and then “Manage Disclosure Form” to review and/or make changes then click “Save”.   (Regardless, if whether you have changes or not, you must review the form and click “Save” to record your UD to comply for the current year.)