American Society of Addiciton Medicine

Timothy Gammons, DO, FASAM

Alternate Regional Directors

Timothy Gammons, DO, FASAM


gammonstimothy-wwwI founded Gammons Medical in 2003. A traditional model of recovery was my inspiration and remains the core philosophy that guides me. Gammons Medical has grown to four locations with multiple board-certified physicians, mid-levels, and counselors. We now serve upwards of 700 patients per week. I have the proven ability to build meaningful working relationships, see innovative ideas to fruition, and sustain a productive professional culture. I provide strong leadership but retain the humility to remain teachable.

I am an ASAM Fellow, an ABAM Diplomate, a lecturer, consultant, and published author. I was installed this year as the MiSAM chapter president. As a Regional Director, I will use my energy and vision to fortify the standing of Addiction Medicine within the healthcare industry and work to strengthen our important medical specialty. I ask for the privilege to serve our membership.