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Biography - Emily Brunner, MD, DFASAM

brunneremily-wwwEmily Brunner, MD, DFASAM went to MIT for undergraduate to study Neuroscience, and then University of Michigan to complete her M.D. and family practice residency. She is board-certified in both family medicine and addiction medicine, and previous practice includes working at Hazelden Betty Ford as well as St Joseph's hospital and a pain and addiction medicine clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Dr. Brunner is currently working on starting the first video gaming disorder treatment program in Minnesota in addition to practicing full-spectrum outpatient addiction medicine at Sage Prairie in Eagan, MN. She is also very interested in advocacy for stigma reduction and expansion of treatment options for patients with substance use disorders.

Dr. Brunner is currently serving as Region VI Director of ASAM Board of Directors.

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