ASAM Criteria book

ASAM now offers permission agreements to technology vendors that wish to incorporate The ASAM Criteria into their platforms. Permission agreements will allow technology vendors to:

  • Incorporate unmodified content from The ASAM Criteria into their technology (e.g. text, charts, figures, etc.).
  • Develop fill-able forms to help clinicians capture information related to the 6 dimensions or ASAM levels of care (the language in these forms must come directly from The ASAM Criteria text).
  • Incorporate tables from the book and make them fill-able.

Please note permission agreements will not allow:

  • Any decision support based on The ASAM Criteria.

ASAM will review permission requests from technology vendors on a case-by-case basis.

Additional permissions are not required for third-party distributors of the ASAM CONTINUUM software. However, permission would be required to incorporate additional content from The ASAM Criteria (i.e., content not related to multidimensional assessments).

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The ASAM Criteria for Technology Vendors