ASAM Criteria Copyright and Permissions

The ASAM Criteria® is the nation’s most The ASAM Criteriarespected, comprehensive, and widely used set of guidelines for matching patients to the right level of care based on the severity of their disease and their multidimensional needs. The common language and universal standards set by The ASAM Criteria establish a framework to help payers and healthcare systems ensure they are offering the full continuum of care to meet patients’ needs.

However, when The ASAM Criteria is not fully implemented or used with fidelity, it can undermine patient care and compromise recovery. ASAM has a responsibility – to providers, payers, regulators, patients and their families – to ensure The ASAM Criteria continues to be equated with high-quality care proven to be effective in addiction treatment.

The following framework will be used to grant permissions for the use of ASAM’s intellectual property with disclaimers that help avoid confusion among patients, families, providers or payers. This process is part of a larger effort by ASAM to support the implementation of The ASAM Criteria standards with fidelity across the addiction treatment system. 

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Permissions Agreements for The ASAM Criteria

We will be using permissions agreements to authorize the use of ASAM’s intellectual property with a disclaimer that helps avoid confusion among patients, families, providers, and payers.   

If you are interested in seeking permissions for using The ASAM Criteria, you can find additional information below.

For all other requests or questions, please contact

What is Permission Required For?

Permission is required for:

Permission is not required to use The ASAM Criteria book in clinical decision making if the user is not publishing or marketing their use.

How to Seek Permission for Using The ASAM Criteria


Healthcare Providers

ASAM partners with Wolters Kluwer for the administration of requests for permission for providers.

The provider permission agreements will be reasonably priced to cover the costs of the permissions program. For more information about the purpose of the permissions program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.

ASAM recognizes that there are some treatment programs for whom permissions costs may create a financial hardship. ASAM will offer hardship discounts, on a sliding scale basis, for permissions agreements to providers who meet eligibility requirements. After you fill out the permission application you will be sent a link to the hardship application form.

Healthcare Providers permission request form

States & Other Public Entities

ASAM's Fair Use guidelines allow states to use The ASAM Criteria in laws, regulations, and policies free of charge and with no permission agreement. Providing education on The ASAM Criteria, including basic introductory training, falls within fair use and does not require a permissions agreement. Providing more in-depth training, including activities that support the development of the knowledge and skills required to implement The ASAM Criteria, does require a permission agreement. This permission agreement is available to states free of charge and allows state employees to provide The ASAM Criteria training or technical assistance. Click here for more information.

States & Other Public Entities permission request form 


ASAM partners with Wolters Kluwer for the administration of requests for permission for publishers and authors.

Publishers permission request form

Payers & Managed Care Entities

ASAM provides licensing agreements to payers and managed care entities for the use of The ASAM Criteria in utilization review. Click here for more information on utilization review and management.

Payers & Managed Care Entities permissions request form


For educational uses outside of the Fair Use guidelines, ASAM is partnering with Wolters Kluwer for administration of requests for permissions.

Educators permission request form.

Training Vendors

ASAM provides licensing agreements to individuals or organizations interested in providing training on The ASAM Criteria

More information

Technology Vendors

ASAM now offers permission agreements to technology vendors that wish to incorporate The ASAM Criteria into their platforms. Click here for more information.

Additional permissions are not required for third-party distributors of the ASAM CONTINUUM software. However, permission would be required to incorporate additional content from The ASAM Criteria (i.e., content not related to multidimensional assessments).

Technology Vendors permission request form