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Apr 3, 2017 Reporting from Rockville, MD
What is CO-Triage?
Apr 3, 2017

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American Society of Addictin Medicine


What is CO-Triage?

ASAM CONTINUUM Triage (CO-Triage) is a provisional referral tool for alcohol and substance problems. The CO-Triage questions help clinicians identify broad categories of treatment need along the six ASAM Criteria Dimensions. The decision logic in CO-Triage calculates the provisionally recommended ASAM Level of Care (ASAM Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Opioid Treatment Services) to which a patient should proceed to receive an ASAM CONTINUUM Comprehensive Assessment – the definitive, research-validated, level of care placement recommendation.

With CO-Triage, clinicians, as well as other health care service providers, can:

  • Make provisional ASAM Level of Care treatment recommendations
  • Easily identify ASAM dimensional needs that require immediate attention including any withdrawal management, co-occurring, or bio-medical enhanced services
  • Increase the likelihood that patients are referred to the correct ASAM Level of Care
  • Built from and easily synchronized with the research-validated ASAM Criteria comprehensive assessment tool
  • See the benefits: faster assessment, faster referral

Visit the  ASAM CONTINUUM sales page to learn more about purchasing CO-Triage from Authorized ASAM CONTINUUM Distributors or the  ASAM CONTINUUM FAQs for answers to common questions.