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Ruth Fox Scholarship Recipients


ASAM strives to increase the opportunities for residents to learn about the diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders. To do so, the Ruth Fox Memorial Endowment Fund will fund a limited number of scholarships for selected physicians-in-training to participate in the Society’s Annual Conference. Recipients receive a complimentary three-year membership. Scholars receive exclusive discounts on live and online ASAM courses and published texts.

2018 (San Diego)

Paxton Bach, MSc, MD
Kenneth Morford, MD
Nicholas Chadi, MD
Payel Roy, MD
Hannah Snyder, MD
Glenna Martin, MD
Sahib S. Gill, MD
Ashanda Powell, MD
Susan Calcaterra, MD, MPH, MSPH, MS
Simeon Kimmel, MD
Nitin Chopra, MD
Ryan B. Schmidt , MD
Saurabh B. Bhardwaj, MD
Natassia Gaznick, MD, PhD
Robert Rymowicz, DO
Shawn McNeil, MD

2017 (New Orleans, LA)

Cornel Stanciu, MD
David Crabtree, MD
Hanjing Wu, MD, PhD
Henry Swoboda, MD
Jaspreet Thiara, MD, MBA
Javier Ballester Gonzalez, MD
Joshua St. Louis, MD, MPH
Kathleen Broad, MD
Kimberly Heaslip, BHSc, MDS, CCFP
Maria Juliana Orejaren, MD, MSC, PhD
Matthew P. Prekupec, MD
Ying Wang, MD, PhD
Fang Yang, MD, PhD
Igor Shusterman, MD
John Daggett, Jr., PhD

2016 (Baltimore, MD)

Curtis Bone, MD
Hector Colon-Rivera, MD
Huiqiong (Joan) Deng, MD, PhD
Tanuja Gandhi, MBBS
Anandam Hilde, MD, MPH
Julia Hunter, MD, MPH
Ryan Jackman, MD
SueAnn Kim, MD
David Marcovitz, MD
Jordan Mills, DO, PhD

2015 (Austin, TX)

Sarah Bur, MD
Jenna Butner, MD
Smita Das, MD, PhD, MPH
David Dayan-Rosenmann, MD
Aaron D. Greenblatt, MD
Gibson T. George, MD
Michael Mirbaba, MD, PhD
Wesley Ryan, MD
Enrique Oviedo, MD
Zoe Weinstein, MD

2014 (Orlando, FL)

Lindsay Abcunas, MD, Chicago, IL
Vishesh Agarwal, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Sarah Bagley, MD, Boston, MA
Alexandra Bright, MD, Seattle, WA
Deepali Gangahar, MD, Washington, DC
Leona Graham, MD, Kansas City, KS
Erin Lorencz, MD, Asheville, NC
Neil Paterson, MD, PhD, Los Angeles, CA
Katherine McKay, MD, Ontario, Canada
Shonali Saha, MD, Baltimore, MD
Stacie Solt, MD, Stanford, CA

2013 (Chicago, IL)

R. Joel Bush, MD, Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Bulat, MD, Livonia, MI
Clifford Cabansag, MD, Cincinnati, OH
Elina Chernyak, DO, University Heights, OH
Yelena Chorny, MD, MSc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Michael Dekker, DO, Boston, MA

2012 (Atlanta, GA)

Dustin DeYoung, MD, Iowa City, IA
Brian Harahan,MD,Ph.D, Minneapolis, MN
Karsten Lunze, MD, MPH, Boston, MA
Chinyere Ogbonna, MD, MPH, Cincinnati, OH
Joan M. Striebel, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Christen Tibbs, MD, Chicago, IL

2011 (Washington, DC)

Timothy J. Cordes, MD, PhD, Madison, WI
Katherine Grieco, D.O., New Haven, CT
Vanessa Lentz, MD, M.S., Montreal, Quebec, CAN
Jennifer Nguyen, MD, Bethesda, MD
Carla M. Reese, MD, MS, Baltimore, MD
James Yeh, MD, Cambridge, MA

2010 (San Francisco, CA)

Christopher Holden, MD, New York, NY
Nicole Terese LaVelle, MD, San Diego, CA
Min Zhong, MD, Norman, OK

2009 (New Orleans, LA)

*Bethany C. Arber Calkins, MD - Rochester, NY
James Fausto, MD - New York, NY
Jennifer J. Nadeau, MD, San Diego, CA
Sam Schwendiman, MD, Clawson, MI

2008 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Gregory Acampora, MD, New Haven, CT
*Lily Arora, MD, Milford, CT
Kathryn Hawk (2nd yr. med. student), Philadelphia, PA
Kristen Ochoa, MD, Alhambra, CA
Gregory Parada, MD, Seattle, WA
John. Raser, MD, Lawrence, MA
*Jose Vito, MD, New York, NY

2007 (Miami, FL)

Richard P. Amar, MD Atlanta, GA
Bachaar Arnaout, MD, New York, NY
Bernard Fischer, MD, Columbia, MD
Catherine R. Friedman, MD, Pittsburgh, PA
Nathan Kolla, MD, Toronto, CAN
Eric Smiltneek, MD, Milwaukee, WI
Emjay Tan, MD, Evanston, IL
Sara G. West, MD, Cleveland Heights, OH

2006 (San Diego, CA)

Kathleen Ang-Lee, MD, Seattle, WA
Katrina Ball, D.O., Loma Linda, CA
Norana Irene Caivano, MD, West Hollywood, CA
Mark Hrymoc, MD, Torrance, CA

2005 (Dallas, TX)

Erica Bradshaw, MD, Virginia Beach, VA
Michael K. Delano, MD, Charlottesville, VA
David C. Lott, MD, Western Springs, IL
Tara M. Wright, MD, Charleston, SC

2004 (Washington, DC)

Navjyot S. Bedi, MD, Chicago, IL
Tim Gannon, MD, PhD, Chicago, IL
Brian Hurley, MS11, Los Angeles, CA
Shimi K. Kang, B.Sc., MD, Vancouver, BC, CAN
Annette M. Matthews, MD, Portland, OR
Ximena Sanchez-Sampler, MD, Boston, MA
Carolina M. Takizawa, MD, Boston, MA

2003 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Jeffrey D. Baxter, MD, Shrewsbury, MA
Anita Chakrabarti, MD, Thunder Bay, Ontario, CAN
William Huang, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Jack Kuo, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Michael F. Osborne, MD, Durham, NC
Sandrine Pirard-Janne d'Othee, MD, Boston, MA

2002 (Atlanta, GA)

James M. Adams, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Janice E. Bach, MD, Fayetteville, NY
Dean Michael DeCrisce, MD, Venice, CA
Keith Heinzerling, MD, Jersey City, NJ
Kevin P. Hill, MD, Newton, MA
Christine M. O'Brien, MD, Lancaster, PA
Nancy S. Wu, MD, San Francisco, CA

*selected to work with ASAM's Public Policy Committee for one year