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American Society of Addiction Medicine represents over 6,500 physicians, clinicians and associated professionals in the field of Addiction Medicine. ASAM is the leading source for guidelines, consensus documents, education and news in the addiction medicine field. Please take a look at some the following opportunities we provide to reach your target audience.

The ASAM Weekly

An eNewsletter that covers timely research, policies, advances, and innovation in addition medicine. E-mailed every Tuesday morning to over 80,000 subscribers including 6,500+ ASAM Members.

Advertiser Guidelines

ASAM accept advertisements, subject to review and approval from:

  • FDA-approved pharmaceutical and medical device products
  • Certified laboratories (CLIA, CAP)
  • Makers of lab tests for office use
  • Medical equipment companies
  • Practice management products
  • Publishers medical and scientific content
  • Graduate Medical Education or Continuing Medical Education
  • Treatment programs that are ASAM Level of Care Certified.

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The ASAM Conference Daily

ASAM Conference Daily provides daily conference coverage for all attendees as well as our additional 80,000 ASAM Weekly subscribers. With daily wrap-ups from our Annual Conference in April every year. Contact Bob Davis at for details.

Mailing List Rental

ASAM works with InFocus Marketing to review and process requests to rent our email and postal mailing lists. Please call 800-708-5478 or email

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Principles Governing ASAM Relationships with External Sources of Support

These principles apply to all external sources of support, including industry support, philanthropic support from individuals or foundations, federal or state grant support, and other external sources of support. 

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