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'What The Heck Is Opioid Addiction?'


What the Heck is Opioid Addiction?

A group of 5th Graders at Baden Academy in Western Pennsylvania wrote and published this book to help teach their classmates about addiction.

Their elementary school, sadly, is filled with kids affected by the opioid crisis. They wanted a tool for them to learn about the problem, discuss it with friends and adults, and look to a future of hope where addiction science and medicine can help intervene in this tragedy.  They hope that you and your loved ones find good information in our book.  

The kids have elected for all proceeds of the book go to ASAM's Ruth Fox Endowment Fund



Quotes from the kids:
“While researching facts for the book, I was astounded how lethal some opioids are.” ~ Quincy

"I’ve heard a lot of stories of people addicted to opioids. For example, my best friend, her mom is an addict and unable to visit her, her grandma that raises her is a recovering addict, and sadly her father is in jail also because of the opioid epidemic. She has inspired me to work to help stop drug addiction." - Angelina

" My friend’s mom is an addict to drugs and smokes too.  He lives with her and his uncle. So I chose to work on this project so I could help people that are affected by opioid addiction.  I hope this book helps kids understand addiction and seek help." ~ Clayton
Excerpts From The Book
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