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  • February 10, 2020

    Editorial Comment 2/11/2020: Over-reaching

    I’m a great one for castigating politicians. For dishonesty. For perfidy. And for that most corrosive of flaws, hypocrisy. I can put my burner on high blue flame, when some stridently vocal Defender of the Faith gets caught in flagrante delicto with some poor hotel staffer. So I can only assume there is something particularly distorted in the mirror of my behavior when I contradict what seem to be my own values.
  • February 3, 2020

    Editorial Comment 2/4/2020: Toward a Blueprint of the Brain

    This week’s submissions reflect a strong bias to basic science, unapologetically. There are times when the brain is a three-pound grey pudding with obscure eponyms assigned to slightly darker streaks and patches, waiting to lose a contest between its inebriated owner and a delivery van.



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MOC Guide

Considering a career in Addiction Medicine or expanding your practice services?

Physicians who have a primary ABMS board may apply to take the ABPM Addiction Medicine exam to become or continue to be an addiction medicine specialist. This specific pathway will expire in 2021. Download the NEW ASAM Information Guide on Certification and MOC.

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New Resources

JAM Podcast

Journal of Addiction Medicine May/June 2019, Volume 13, Issue 3;

In episode thirteen of Addiction Medicine: Beyond the Abstract, we are joined by Dr. Jessica Gray. In her recent article, Dr. Gray discusses a case of a woman who was able to continue opioid agonist treatment during the postpartum period while she remained incarcerated, in a system that generally did not allow for opioid agonist treatment during incarceration except during pregnancy.

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Drug court resources

Drug Court Resources

Tens of thousands of Americans access addiction pharmacotherapies through drug courts every year. New resources are now available. Created in partnership with the NADCP National Association of Drug Court Professionals.