Why I Treat Addiction – Stories Told by Our Members in Their Words

Each day, thousands of clinicians treat addiction. Just as all clinicians choose the healthcare profession for different reasons, each clinician has a unique story that reveals “why I treat addiction.” This growing collection of stories offers profound insights into the purpose of treating addiction. These open narratives highlight the positive impact treating addiction can have on a person, a family, a community, and a nation. We invite you to read these heartfelt stories and share your own.
I treat addiction because as a doctor, a human being, and a father I have no choice.
William (Bill) Fritz, MD Surgeon ASAM member since 2017
We have the tools now to actively address this chronic disease.
Dr. Jan Widerman Pediatrician ASAM member since 2012
I feel privileged to help patients.
Dorothy Lennon, MD, DFASAM Family Medicine Physician ASAM member since 2004
Addiction medicine provides hope, healing, and the opportunity to change.
David Kan, MD, DFASAM Psychiatrist ASAM member since 2006
I treat addiction so less children have to say goodbye to their parents.
Dr. Sara Polley Psychiatrist ASAM member since 2014
I treat addiction because I see miracles unfold every day.
Christina Delos Reyes, MD, FASAM Psychiatrist ASAM member since 1995