Dr. Dorothy Lennon's Story

"I treat addiction because it is my calling and my passion. I have personally experienced the pain of addiction but was shown kindness and compassion by other members of the medical community who led me to a life of recovery. I feel privileged to help patients realize they have a brain disease that is treatable, just like any other chronic disease. I want my patients to know about the exciting medical advances made in the field that are available to them to help them on their road to recovery. I want my patients’ denial, compulsion, and self-hatred to be replaced with joy, purpose, and serenity so that they may live a life of contentment, free from substances. I want to share my expertise with my community and educate our citizens about this devastating epidemic so they will become less judgmental and more understanding. I want to continue working to remove the stigma of addiction. I treat addiction because I know treatment works!"
Dorothy Lennon, MD, DFASAM Family Medicine Physician ASAM member since 2004
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