ASAM Criteria Resources and Training

ASAM-Endorsed Resources and Training

ASAM and The Change Companies® have developed a co-branded suite of supporting resources that combines the assessment, service planning and treatment guidelines of The ASAM Criteria with the evidence-based materials of The Change Companies® to enhance practitioner implementation and create effective solutions for guiding behavior change.

  • Provider Resources

    Interactive Journals and User Guides help practitioners gather assessment data, identify services and priorities to establish collaborative treatment goals.
ASAM Criteria Interactive Journals

  • For Administrators, Practitioners and Staff

    Learn about the ASAM criteria from the only eTraining series endorsed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Hosted by Dr. David Mee-Lee, Chief Editor of The ASAM Criteria, these engaging and interactive courses teach essential skills in assessment, placement and effective service planning.

ASAM Criteria eTraining Module

  • The ASAM Criteria Web Version

    The enhanced web-based version of The ASAM Criteria includes the entire text of the book in electronic format, plus many interactive features and multimedia resources, allowing all readers to further their criteria knowledge.

ASAM Criteria Web Version

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