ASAM News Archives and History

ASAM News began as The Physician's Alcohol Newsletter in 1965 when ASAM was known as the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism. At that time, distribution to ASAM members depended on the use of an addressograph machine. Each member was assigned an engraved metal block that ran through the machine and stamped the newsletter with their name and address for the postal service. 

Publication of The Physician’s Alcohol Newsletter stopped in 1978, and ASAM ceased to have a newsletter until 1985 when the Society was known as the American Medical Society on Alcoholism & Other Drug Dependencies (ASMAODD).  AMSAODD News published into 1989 when it evolved into ASAM News, which continues to be a service to members and subscribers.

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1965-1977 Frank A. Seixas

1985-1996 Lucy Barry Robe

1996-2011 Bonnie Wilford

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1965-1977 The Physicians Alcohol Newsletter

1985-1989 AMSAODD News

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