Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Read ASAM's mission, core purpose, and core values.

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Definition of Addiction

View ASAM's public policy statement on the definition of addiction.

findadoc_55x55Find a Doctor

Our nationwide directory of addiction medicine professionals.

What is an Addiction Specialist?

What is an Addiction Specialist?

What is an addiction specialist, who recognizes addiction medicine as a specialized area of medical practice, how to find an addiction specialist, and more.


Screening and Assessment

Screening for alcohol and/or drug misuse is critical to the prevention of or early intervention in addiction.

Pain Management

Pain and Addiction

Pain management is an important component of high-quality compassionate medical care.

Marijuana and Addiction

Marijuana and Addiction
Resources and public policies based on evidence-based information about the risks, research and policies associated with marijuana/cannabis.

aidsribbon-thumb55x55HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C
Resources and public policies based on the inextricable links between addiction and HIV/AIDS & the hepatitis C virus.



What is treatment, what are the guidelines for physicians, and where do I seek resources for treatment and recovery?

Quality Improvement


Carefully thought out prevention measures demonstrably reduce the early onset of substance addiction.


Resource Links

Links to external resources of addiction medicine information.