Staff Assistance

ASAM staff's role for new chapters is to assist members through the chapter petition and charter processes, and introduce them to the elements to be achieved to become a state medical specialty society (SMSS). Staff will be responsive to all requests for information a member seeking to develop a chapter may have.

The staff will:
  1. Assemble and update the ASAM Chapter Formation Kit.
  2. Send the Chapter Formation Kit to the ASAM members forming the new chapter.
  3. Confer with the member regarding the Kit’s contents.
  4. Receive the completed "Application and Petition for Chapter Charter."
  5. Check the membership status of all those signing the petition.
  6. Send the "Application and Petition for Chapter Charter" to the ASAM Secretary for presentation to the Board of Directors (BOD).
  7. After BOD approval of the application and petition, help the member conduct the balloting of the state’s members on favoring or not favoring the creation of a chapter.
  8. Report the results of the state membership balloting to the ASAM Secretary.
  9. If the ballot outcome is positive, the ASAM Secretary will present the results, along with the written ballots, to the ASAM BOD.
  10. If the ASAM BOD votes is in favor of chapter formation, the ASAM staff member will prepare the letter of chapter charter approval in the name of the ASAM Secretary.
  11. The ASAM staff member ensures that the new state chapter receives its charter, and that it is publicly acknowledged in the ASAM news, on the ASAM website, and at the Annual Member Business Meeting or Awards dinner (luncheon) at the next ASAM Medical Scientific Conference.
  12. The ASAM staff will also prepare a press release for the Chapter President to send to local media, and to the state and local medical societies.