Distinguished Fellow Process

2022 Applications Open August 1, 2021

Earn a Prestigious Distinction - Become an ASAM Distinguished Fellow

The respected DFASAM title is granted every year to select ASAM physician members for their significant contributions to the Society and to the field of addiction medicine. Join the distinguished ranks of some of your colleagues by receiving recognition for your considerable professional efforts.

Current ASAM Distinguished Fellows

To qualify to become a Distinguished Fellow of ASAM, you must meet rigorous criteria such as being a member for at least five consecutive years, giving significant service to the Society, and making considerable contributions in certain areas.

About ASAM Distinguished Fellows

 In 1996, the Fellows program was developed to celebrate the exceptional contributions of the leading members in the field of Addiction Medicine. New ASAM Fellows join a distinguished list of colleagues to whom ASAM and its members look for guidance and leadership. Since the program inception, more than 300 physicians have been awarded Fellow status by ASAM.

In April 2015, the Board of Directors voted to take the current Fellow title and turn it into a membership category, while the current Fellow award changed to the Distinguished Fellow.

Significance of Becoming an ASAM Distinguished Fellow

ASAM and the Board of Directors recognize these elite professionals as "Distinguished Fellows" due to their significant contributions to the field of addiction medicine, and work as outstanding, prominent, and distinguished professionals in the medical community. These professionals have been "uniquely" singled out for special distinction within the field.

So what does it mean to be a "Distinguished Fellow" member, what is their role, what type of people become a "Distinguished Fellow" of ASAM?

Distinguished Fellows are chosen based upon an outstanding and long sustained demonstration of top-ranking competence in the field of addiction medicine, exceptional professionalism, consummate integrity, demonstrated service, significant contribution, and noted leadership. Fellows are strong advocates of the field and they promote sustained service, contribution and leadership advocating professionalism.

They employ the DFASAM designation after their names as a mark of distinction and to provide a description of their unique position. The designation represents "Distinguished Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine."

Members of the Distinguished Fellows Committee will evaluate all applications prior to ASAM Board of Directors meetings.

Individuals must maintain their ASAM membership to use the DFASAM designation.

Criteria to Apply for Distinguished Fellow Status

In order to qualify as an ASAM Distinguished Fellow, at a minimum, you must meet each of the following six criteria (1-6) and provide documentation:

  1. Member for at least five consecutive years.
  2. Certified by American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM), the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM), the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), American Academy/Association of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM) or the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) in Addiction Psychiatry, or the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM).
  3. Given significant service to ASAM in at least three of the ten areas below:
    • Completed at least one term on the ASAM Board of Directors.
    • Served as Chair of an ASAM committee, task force, or work group OR served as a member who has made repeated and significant contributions for at least two years to the work of the committee.
    • Completed at least one term as an ASAM delegate or alternate delegate to the AMA.
    • Completed at least one term as an officer of AND made significant contributions to an active Chapter of ASAM.
    • Served as a Chair or Vice-Chair of a state, regional or national ASAM conference.
    • Served as a member on the planning committee of at least two state, regional or national ASAM conferences.
    • Served as the speaker at three or more national ASAM conferences.
    • Served on the editorial board of an ASAM national publication.
    • Authored content three or more times in an ASAM national publication.
    • Other related clinical contributions such as developing an unique model for addiction treatment or advancing the knowledge base of Addiction Medicine.
  4. Have contributed significantly to your community in addiction or substance use related services in at least three of the five areas below:
    • Completed one term as an officer, committee member or representative to another medical or professional organization such as the AMA, AOA, ASIM, APA, RSA, etc.
    • Made a strong commitment to volunteerism. Participation in non-compensated activities of social significance for at least one year such as: volunteer work at community health agencies with charters related to addiction, volunteer services on a Board of Directors for a health agency, or volunteer work with the JCAHO, County Aids Task Force, schools, Boy Scouts, etc. Additional examples include: teaching alcoholism and drug abuse information to patients in publicly funded treatment or education program, or presentations of formal lectures in the substance abuse field to physicians and/or health care providers in the addiction field.
    • Contributed significantly to political or social change in the areas that support the mission of addiction medicine. Examples include:
      a. Grass roots or other lobbying for addiction related health issues.
      b. Completed at least one term as an elected or appointed public official. You must document your addiction or substance use related agenda during this term.
      c. Served as a committee member in the political process to further the mission of an addiction medicine or ASAM.
      d. Testified before local, state, or federal legislative bodies to further the mission of addiction medicine or ASAM.
    • Made teaching contributions (five years minimum) in a graduate level program setting such as the appointment to a medical society faculty in substance abuse education or training.
    • Published in peer reviewed journals, books, or chapters of books, written for the education of professionals with a
      strong emphasis placed on addiction related topics. This item should not include ASAM National publications.
  5. Your $250 (U.S. funds only) application fee must be submitted along with your application.
  6. A written endorsement from a Former National ASAM President, Board Member, State Chapter President, Regional Director, or Standing Committee Chair indicating a knowledge of your accomplishments, commitment to the field of addiction, professionalism, and recommendation for your appointment.