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If you are interested in joining a study group* to prepare for the Addiction Medicine Board Examination, please fill out the form below.

ASAM Members who sign up will be connected with others in their designated ASAM-region via listserv who are also taking the addiction medicine board examination. The listserv will allow participants of these groups to share resources and study tips, ask questions of colleagues, and connect with other who might be interested in meeting via phone or in-person to study.

If you wish to become a study group leader, please indicate in the form below. Study group leaders will be those who wish to take a more active role and set up phone meetings, send out study tips, and/or solicit resources from the listserv group. Study group leaders are encouraged to connect with ASAM staff on-site at the ASAM 2017 Review Course in Addiction Medicine to learn more about various resources that can be used to effectively network and connect with participants. 

*Groups and the activities therein are solely participant-driven. Information, resources, and exchanges are not endorsed by ASAM unless explicitly noted. Members will receive an invitation from GroupSpaces within 1 business day connecting them to the study group. 

You will receive any notifications related to your region's study group through this email address.
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Are you planning to take the 2017 ABPM Board Examination in Addiction Medicine?

Will you be attending/have you attended ASAM's 2017 Review Course in Addiction Medicine?

Are you interested in becoming a study group leader?

(How much you lead is entirely up to you - at minimal, study group leaders will add others who are interested in joining to the group to the listserv when they email. ASAM will meet with all those interested in becoming study group leaders at the ASAM Review Course to make sure you understand how to to do so and are aware of some of the other resources available to you and the rest of your colleagues in the region to assist you in forming and utilizing your study groups.)

Resources for Study Groups

See below for a list of just some of the free resources that can be used to connect within your study groups. For more information, visit the websites below (ASAM does not endorse any of the products below unless explicitly noted):

  1. Free Conference Call - Provides HD audio conferencing, screen sharing and video conferencing with up to 1000 participants.(Free)
  2. Zoom - Unifies video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one platform. (Free)
  3. Skype - Allows for group video chats available on mobile devices, tablets and computers. (Free)
  4. UberConference - Connect with up to 10 participants via video and audio conferencing. (Free)

In addition, we encourage study groups to take advantage of the numerous resources ASAM offers: