The resources listed below are meant to be a general guide to presenting on various topics. This list includes materials from the ASAM Annual Conference and the ASAM Review Course as well as additional resources.  


FACULTY PRESENTERS – Are you an Expert at Content but Looking for Creative Ways to Engage, Inform and Inspire Learners?

This session was created as a goal of the ASAM Medical Education Council to help presenters/faculty expand their teaching style and improve the quality of the learner experience.

Blooms Taxonomy - Instructional Strategies

Developed by Benjamin Bloom, a classification of levels of intellectual behavior important in learning. Use this diagram when creating learning objectives.

Sample CME Test Questions

Presenters of ASAM Conferences are required to provide 3-4 CME test questions that focus on the most important aspects of the presentation. 

Onsite Tips

Reference these 8 tips when at the Conference Headquarters.

Audio Response Systems

View how to utilize Audio Response Systems (ARS) in your presentation.

Additional Resources