As a member of the Collaborative for REMS Education (CO*RE), ASAM has been providing opioid resources in a variety of formats since 2013. ASAM has reached over 6,500 learners with the Opioid Prescribing: Safe Practice, Changing Lives Course. To support other medical and health care provider organizations, the resources offered assist with ensuring that opioids are prescribed safely, appropriately and effectively.

All CO*RE activities fulfill requirements for the ER/LA Opioid REMS program established by the FDA.

How to Host an Opioid Prescribing Course

ASAM currently has a grant for the calendar year 2017 to help support organizations across the nation hosting our safe prescribing course in a variety of formats. The course has been renamed to Opioid Prescribing: Safe Practice, Changing Live.

  1. Host course free of charge.
  2. Sign the Letter of Agreement at least 90 days prior to the course date.
  3. Aggressively market (targeting prescribers) and collaborate with local organizations.
  4. Reach 75 or more learners.

ASAM will provide the faculty of experts, marketing assistance and other support as needed. 

If you have questions about hosting this educational activity, contact:

Jack R. Williams, Coordinator, Professional Development at or 301-547-4137

Molly Mazuk, Associate Director, Professional Development at or 301-547-4127