IT MATTTRs Colorado (Implementing Technology and Medication Assisted Treatment and Team Training in Rural Colorado) has collaborated with several partners to bring a collection of resources, guides, and tools to assist practices in treating patients with opioid use disorder (OUD).  The MATerials provide sample protocols and procedures for practices, with or without a medication assisted treatment (MAT) program, to effectively treat or refer patients with OUD.

The MATerials include 10 chapters of resources:

  • Chapter 1: Screening & Diagnosing

  • Chapter 2: Consents & Agreements

  • Chapter 3: Induction, Stabilization, & Maintenance

  • Chapter 4: EHR Charting Templates

  • Chapter 5: Billing & Coding

  • Chapter 6: Special Populations

  • Chapter 7: Additional Education & Background

  • Chapter 8: Practice Resources

  • Chapter 9: Behavioral Health MATerials

  • Chapter 10: BHP MATerials