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The ASAM 2017 Review Course in Addiction Medicine prepares you for the exam and helps you to learn more about treating patients with addiction by offering a variety of educational tools and products. Click here to view an FAQ about the Addiction Medicine Practice Pathway provided by ABPM. 

The Curriculum

The ASAM Review Course curriculum was carefully developed through review of past Board Exam outcomes, interviews with examination planners about areas of weakness in exam results, and is specifically mapped to the Addiction Medicine Certification/Recertification Blueprint. Each of the 22 sessions review content as identified in the Blueprint and draw on the expert knowledge and clinical experience of the course faculty.

In addition, the following ASAM products are an invaluable part of examination preparation and for learning more about addiction medicine even if you are not preparing for the exam:

The BEST (12 CME)

The ASAM Board Examination Study Tool (BEST) helps prepare physicians for the ABPM certification/re-certification examination utilizing an interactive and engaging format. This online learning tool includes study materials such as slides from the Review Course, chapter overviews from the Principles of Addiction Medicine, a section on definitions, and a bank of practice test questions and answers. The tool offers sustained access to the training material, ability to bookmark pages, highlight text, take notes, track progress through the content, and can be accessed through supported mobile devices and tablets. GREAT DEAL: The BEST is included at no additional charge with registration for the 2017 ASAM Review Course in Addiction Medicine. More information

The Textbooks

For a succinct source of information, The ASAM Essentials of Addiction Medicine: Second Edition is a comprehensive overview of virtually every topic. The ASAM Essentials is derived from The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine textbook and contains an expert-approved, streamlined version to give readers quick access to the most important knowledge. For more information on the textbook and how to order, please visit The ASAM Essentials Webpage.

ASAM's textbook, The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine, 5th Edition, is the reference textbook for the Review Course. Speakers will refer to and draw from this text often as part of their presentations. Copies are available for purchase online or by phone. For information on the textbook and how to order, please visit The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine Webpage.

The Mobile App

Download the ASAM Review Course App before you arrive in Dallas for a preview of presentation slides discussed at the course. Take notes next to each presentation slide and much more! The mobile app is now available. Download now in iOS, Google Play, or view the Desktop Version.