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2016 NPF Training & ASAM Conference Wrap-up

Thank you to the reporters and outlets who attended our 47th Annual Conference and National Press Foundation training that preceded the conference. If you click on any module in the National Press Foundation link, you will find audio, text, slides, photos and selected 5-minute videos from each session.

National Press Foundation

If you are interested in other conference related information the link will direct you to the ASAM Conference Daily News which was published each day of the conference and received by ASAM members and conference attendees.

2016 Conference Daily News


Media Requirements

  • Receive complimentary annual meeting registration
  • One-on-one interview opportunities with attendees (Note: ASAM does not provide an onsite media/interview room)
  • Admission to all non-ticketed ASAM sessions (See Registration Rates and Information for Ticketed Events.)

Journalists who are employed by accredited news organizations attending the meeting for the purpose of editorial coverage will be granted media credentials. To qualify, journalists must contact ASAM's Media Department ( or 1-301-547-4112 and provide the following information:

  1. Letter verifying assignment to the meeting on the letterhead of the news organization being represented.
  2. Media identification (such as an international, accredited press pass or an official media-outlet-issued credential).
  3. Documentary film crews and video production companies must submit a written request in advance of the annual meeting no less than three weeks prior to the annual meeting that includes information about the company, the purpose of attending the annual meeting, synopsis of film/video/documentary, and information on the supporters of the project.

Companies or organizations producing publications, videos, and/or other electronic media intended for internal use, marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations purposes may not register as media. Financial analysts, sales, advertising, marketing and public relations personnel may not register as media.

In addition, representatives from medical education companies attending the ASAM annual meeting for the purpose of creating continuing medical education (CME) or other commercial educational content (e.g., webcasts, online or printed educational modules, etc.) may not register as media.

Information regarding media registrants is proprietary. ASAM does not give, rent, or sell current, past, or on-site media registration lists.

On-Site Media Guidelines

The following rules apply only to registered media. All other meeting attendees are required to adhere to the general Meeting Rules and Regulations

Meeting Admission

Registered media are required to wear ASAM's media badge at all times while on site at the annual meeting. All ASAM symposia, course, workshop, paper, poster sessions and special plenary sessions at the annual meeting are open to the media. Entry into sessions requires a badge. 

Photography, Videotaping, and Audio Recording

Registered media are allowed to:

  1. Photograph, videotape, or audio record any ASAM press conference.
  2. Take photos (non-flash only) and audio record in the poster hall and in the session rooms.
  3. Video record in public areas of the convention center.

Members of the media are prohibited from the following activities:

  1. Taking flash photos during session.
  2. Taking photos of slide presentations.
  3. Taking photos, videotaping, or audio recording in the exhibit hall.
  4. Video recording any session room or in the poster or exhibit halls.

Disclaimer: Photos of copyrighted material reprinted without the prior consent of the study author/presenter is strictly prohibited.