Pain Management and Opioids Course FAQs

  • 1. Can you give me some background on CO*RE ER/LA Opioids REMS education?

    ASAM is a partner of the Collaboration for REMS Education (CO*RE). CO*RE recently received approval from the REMS Program Committee (RPC) for its national initiative to support educational activities.

    A Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) is a risk management program required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that the benefits of a drug outweigh its risks. The FDA has determined that a single, shared REMS is required for all brand and generic ER/LA opioid pain medicines. This is the first time the FDA has mandated a REMS to include accredited professional education. The FDA has also required the pharmaceutical companies that produce these agents to provide the financial support for independent professional education.

    CO*RE is a multidisciplinary, 11-partner collaboration representing nearly 400,000 clinician members, founded in June of 2010. As a member of CO*RE, ASAM is providing educational resources to support our members in ensuring that opioids are prescribed safely, appropriately and effectively. Using evidence-driven medical education, ASAM offers the information in a variety of formats. All CO*RE activities fulfill requirements for the ER/LA Opioid REMS program established by the FDA. For more information about CO*RE visit:

  • 2. How will the training be delivered?

    The CO*RE ER/LA Opioids REMS education will be a 2 hour course delivered live by CO*RE trained instructors utilizing a standardized education module based on the approved FDA blueprint for ER/LA Opioids REMS education.

    ASAM is excited to offer chapters and other organizations the opportunity to provide the 2 hour live ASAM CO*RE ER/LA Opioids REMS Course.

  • 3. What do I need to do to offer REMS education?

    Organizations or individuals who wish to host a course must meet the following requirements:

    1. Host course free of charge
    2. Sign the Letter of Agreement 90 days prior to the course date
    3. Aggressively market (targeting prescribers) and collaborate with local organizations
    4. Reach the agreed upon number of learners

    If you would like to host a course, contact Molly Mazuk at

  • 4. What are the requirements for offering training?

    There are several requirements to offer the CO*RE REMS course.

    1. The course must be provided without charge.
    2. If the course is being offered as part of a larger course or as part of a dinner meeting, the local course host may charge attendees for the rest of the course or for the dinner, but the REMS course must be free of charge.
    3. The REMS course must be taught according to the national curriculum. Additional information may be taught before or after the REMS course.
    4. The host must guarantee a minimum number of participants that will attend the REMS course.
    5. Local hosts should reach out to many different organizations in their community in order to attract a high number of ER/LA opioid prescribers. ASAM will provide support to help reach the goal number of course attendees. 
  • 5. How long is the course?

    ASAM's CO*RE REMS course runs for 2 hours. Local organizers should allow for an extra 15 - 30 minutes for breaks and questions/evaluations. The course can be easily incorporated into a lunch or dinner meeting. The REMS course can also be included as one part of a longer program as long as access to the 2 hours REMS course is free and conforms to the approved CO*RE REMS curriculum.

  • 6. What will ASAM's role be?

    ASAM is responsible for administering the CO*RE REMS grant, which funds all REMS training being delivered. ASAM is also responsible for the following:

    • Coordinate the training and assignment of faculty
    • Coordinate with chapters and related organizations for marketing
    • Evaluate/assign support grants to fund local programs
    • Provide 2 CME for prescribers who complete the 2 hour course
    • Issue qualified CME certificates electronically through email or through the ASAM e-Live Learning Center upon the learner’s completion of the course and the related evaluations
    • Collect registration and evaluation information for grant reporting purposes
  • 7. What is the role of the Host?

    Once a host has been selected, a primary organizer should be designated to work with ASAM staff in producing the program. The organizer will be responsible for the following:

    • Secure the venue
    • Make logistical arrangements
    • Coordinate marketing and outreach
    • Arrange attendee registration 
    • Evaluations and supplying that information to ASAM at the conclusion of the course
  • 8. How will the course be promoted?

    Chapters/Organizations and ASAM are responsible for promoting the event to members and non-members alike. ASAM will promote the courses through its web site and other communication vehicles. Hosts should reach out to other local medical societies, hospitals, treatment centers and other appropriate prescribers to spread awareness of their event.

  • 9. Who will be the faculty?

    The national ASAM faculty for the REMS courses will be respected ASAM physicians who have completed a CO*RE designed training session on how to teach the CO*RE REMS course. We are still looking for qualified physicians to form a geographically diverse national faculty. Please inform us if you or someone you know is interested in becoming part of the faculty. If your chapter/organization is interested in offering the course multiple times or offering the course to a large number of prescribers, it might be beneficial to have one or two local physicians trained to teach the course.

  • 10. Can a host offer the course more than once?

    Yes! A host can offer the course multiple times, as long as every live session meets the minimum requirements listed above.