Elective Topics


Elective Topics

The ASAM Fundamentals of Addiction 40-Hour Program recognizes the need for customizable education in the field of addiction medicine.Participants may choose from a broad array of online modules and topics based on their needs and the needs of their patients.

Topics for this activity include:

  1. Neurobiology of Addiction
  2. Adolescents
  3. Medical Co-Morbidities
  4. Psychiatric Co-Morbidities
  5. General Withdrawal Management
  6. Opioid Withdrawal Management
  7. Counseling Pregnant Women with Addiction
  8. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Addiction
  9. Tips for Implementing ASAM Criteria (levels of care)
  10. Tips for Successful Office-Based Practice (payment/billing and coding)
  11. Urine Drug Testing
  12. Medical Care for People with Addictive Disorders

And more....

Additional FAME TeleECHO clinics, beyond the program's required four (4), will also count as Elective Topic activity hours. 

All offerings eligible to fulfill the Elective Topics activity of The ASAM Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine Recognition Program have been mapped to the ASAM Fundamentals Recognition Program Competencies and Learning Objectives