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The resources listed below link to materials available on Buprenorphine related topics as well as materials from the live course.

Course Materials

Live Course Handouts: 
Please click here to download handouts from the four-hour live course.

Course Resources


The ASAM National Practice Guidelines for the Use of Medications in the Treatment of Addiction Involving Opioid Use: Click here to view ASAM's newly released National Practice Guideline.

Prescribers Clinical Support System for Medication Assisted Treatment - A national training and mentoring project developed in response to the prescription opioid misuse epidemic and the availability of newer pharmacotherapies to address opioid dependence. 

  1. Mentoring for those providing care for opioid dependent individuals available at no cost to all interested providers. Click here.
  2. Clinical Tools (clinical guidances, sample forms including: patient information, intake forms, treatment agreements, induction forms, TIPs and more). Click here.

SAMHSA Buprenorphine website: Click here to access SAMHSA's website for more information on buprenorphine prescribing. 

DATA Physician Locator: Click here for SAMHSA's physician locator.

Waiver Notification FormClick here to fill out the online waiver notification form.

Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityClick here for more information from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Click here to visit NIDA's website.

NIDA Buprenorphine Suite of Blending Products: Click here to access NIDA's buprenorphine training for multidisciplinary addiction professionals.

Drug Enforcement Administration: Click here to visit the DEA's website.

A Guide for Law Enforcement on BuprenorphineClick here to read an article from Huffington Post on Methadone and Buprenorphine.

Handbook of Office-Based Buprenorphine Treatment of Opioid Dependence: Click here for a book by John A. Renner, Jr. and Petros Levounis on treating those with opioid dependence.

SAMHSA MATx Mobile App: Apply for your waiver from your smartphone with the SAMHSA MATx Mobile App. Click here to learn more about MATx.