Joint Provider CME

Applying for CME for an Educational Activity

ASAM is an accredited provider by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (AACME) to provide and joint provide continuing medical education for physicians. As the accredited provider, ASAM must ensure that all direct and jointly provided activities are in full compliance with the ACCME Essentials and Guidelines.

  1. Visit the ACCME website to familiarize with the ACCME Guidelines and Standards for Commercial Support. The Standards for Commercial Support ensures that all CME activities are independent and free of any commercial interest.
  2. Submit completed disclosure form(s) for the activity planning committee to the ASAM CME Department. The disclosure requirements apply to all involved in the planning of an activity; planning committee and faculty.
  3. Upon approval of the activity planning committee disclosures, submit the Joint Provider CME Application with required documents to the ASAM CME Department. 

All completed applications must be submitted four months prior to the activity (application fees apply). Please contact the ASAM CME Department with any questions. 

ASAM's Medical Education Council (MEC) Identified Practice Gaps and Topics

Joint Provider CME Application

Disclosure Form

ACCME Accreditation Statement 

The American Society of Addiction Medicine is an accredited provider by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (AACME) to provide and joint provide continuing medical education for physicians. 

ASAM CME Committee Mission Statement

The ASAM CME Committee’s MISSION is to ensure that all ASAM and joint provided CME educational activities are in full compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Guidelines, Essentials and Standards for Commercial Support and based on evaluation feedback, provide direction to ASAM to consider future CME activities. To accomplish this, the ASAM CME Committee reviews collected data from activity evaluations, annual needs assessment, and practice gap surveys and provide recommendations to the ASAM Medical Education Council (MEC) to ensure compliance with the ACCME and derive appropriate and up-to-date content.

The ASAM CME Committee’s EDUCATIONAL MISSION is to improve the competence, performance in practice and patient outcomes in medical care for patients with addictive disorders. To meet this mission ASAM seeks to educate physicians, other healthcare providers, and the general population, regarding alcohol and other drug use; and improve the quality of, and access to, evidence-based treatments for this use and related disorders. These educational experiences;  1) support appropriate changes in physician and other health care providers’ abilities to enhance patient outcomes, 2) improve provider-patient relationships, and 3) enhance providers’ abilities to advocate for their patients and patients’ families.

The ASAM CME Committee evaluates educational products systematically to ensure effectiveness in enhancing learning and improving practice. CME products are produced and evaluated based on national health care quality and CME standards and formats. For example, efficacy of the CME products will be assessed using self-reported feedback about the relevance of CME products, change contracts, and other surveys designed to measure behavior changes. In addition, ASAM is committed to measuring the impact of its CME products on improving physician and other health care provider practices.

In concert with the input from the ASAM Medical Education Council and ASAM Board of Directors, ASAM's Continuing Medical Education will:

  • Define the field of Addiction Medicine
  • Keep clinicians abreast of emerging, evidenced-based knowledge in basic and clinical sciences regarding addiction
  • Enhance knowledge of the addiction treatment of special populations
  • Improve knowledge regarding evolving epidemiology, sociology, and anthropology issues in Addiction Medicine
  • Teach skills for identification and treatment of patients who have addiction
  • Stimulate the early recognition and treatment of addiction
  • Stimulate the healthcare professionals' interest in addiction medicine
  • Stimulate the recognition of the importance of prevention strategies
  • Achieve ACCME Accreditation with Commendation

The ASAM CME Committee works closely with the ASAM Medical Education Council, Program Committees, and the ASAM Board of Directors to develop live or electronic conferences, workshops, review courses and other educational activities that meet ASAM’s CME mission. In addition to clinical topics, activities may focus on research, the basic sciences, healthcare policy, ethics and practice management. Audiences may be physicians, multidisciplinary practitioners, affiliated health care providers, the general public, and may include international audiences.

The ASAM CME Committee is involved in the planning and review of ASAM and joint provided educational activities to ensure that these activities are in compliance with the ACCME Guidelines, Essentials, and Standards for Commercial Support. The ASAM CME Committee is charged with identification of potential conflicts of interest and managing these conflicts to produce unbiased, balanced, scientifically based CME products, free of commercial interest.  

Updated November 2014

ASAM CME Committee

Adam J. Gordon, MD, MPH, FACP, DFASAM, CMRO, Chair
Catherine Friedman, MD, Vice Chair
Noel Ilogu, MD, MRCP
Herbert L. Malinoff, MD, FACP, DFASAM
Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, DFASAM
John C. Tanner, DO, Dip.ABAM, DFASAM, CCFC, MRO

ASAM Staff

Sandy Metcalfe, CME Consultant

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