ASAM CONTINUUM Faculty Call for Applications


ASAM CONTINUUM Faculty Call for Applications

ASAM is looking for experienced trainers and facilitators who would be interested to join the ASAM Faculty and become ASAM CONTINUUM Course instructors. 

As the user base of the ASAM CONTINUUM continues to grow, we are looking for experienced facilitators who are interested in learning more about the ASAM CONTINUUM software and deliver training to current and potential ASAM CONTINUUM users.  

Becoming an ASAM CONTINUUM trainer is a great opportunity to learn more about the ASAM CONTINUUM software and share this knowledge with new and experienced users. This will also be an opportunity to get involved with other ASAM teaching experiences as well as to be part of the ASAM CONTINUUM support team. Most importantly, joining the ASAM CONTINUUM faculty is an exciting opportunity to take part in promoting innovation and better standards of treatment in the addiction field. 

To apply please click here>>>

To apply, you will have to create an account on the ASAM Faculty Portal and select "ASAM CONTINUUM" when asked about which course you are applying to teach.  

For additional questions related to the application process, please contact: Anna Garbar at 

Required Knowledge and Skills


  • Must have teaching/training experience
  • At least three years of recent experience in the field of addiction
  • Clinical Masters Degree


  • Experience with the ASAM CONTINUUM/ CO-Triage (user or supervisor)

Additional information:

  • ASAM membership is NOT required to apply
  • All applicants will be required to complete the ASAM universal disclosure form. 

Expectations from Faculty:

1. Training days may vary depending on the client:

  • Faculty members will be required to commit to teach from the duration of 2-4 hours at a time.
  • Some trainings may require multiple days (not necessarily consecutive days).

2. Prior to facilitating a training, faculty will be expected:

  • Review the training materials (slides, handouts, speaker notes)
  • Onboarding sessions with ASAM staff to become familiar with the material as well as the clients
  • Become familiar with the CONTINUUM/CO-Triage tools (onboarding will include demo and practice)
  • Attend a dry run before first training
  • Attend any additional prep sessions required


Additional information

1. To learn more about the ASAM CONTINUUM, please click here.

2. To learn more about the ASAM CONTINUUM Triage or CO-Triage, please click here.