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ASAM Releases Its 2020 Advocacy Year in Review

January 8, 2021


On January 8, ASAM released its 2020 Advocacy Year in Review, which provides an overview of some of the new policies and resources that ASAM and its State Chapters helped advance in 2020, by working closely with federal and state policymakers and other key stakeholders. With the Advocacy Roadmap as their guide, ASAM members continue to help bring about a future when addiction prevention, treatment, remission, and recovery are accessible to all, and the health of people with addiction is profoundly improved.


ASAM’s efforts over the past year include advancing a broad range of policies at all levels of government. ASAM’s advocacy led to increased funding for addiction treatment provider loan repayment programs, changes to confidentiality law that should streamline treatment and save lives, and enactment of federal legislation that includes 1,000 new Medicare-supported GME positions, the first increase in nearly 25 years. Furthermore, ASAM members continue to support and influence regulatory changes enacted by SAMHSA, DEA, and CMS on issues regarding clinician reimbursement, telehealth, and confidentiality protections.


At the state level, ASAM’s State Chapters affected positive policy changes by collaborating with state policymakers From California to Virginia, ASAM’s State Chapter leaders have provided input on legislation affecting parity of insurance coverage for mental health and addiction, harm reduction, treatment for individuals who are incarcerated, and many other issues.


Read the full 2020 ASAM Advocacy Year in Review here.