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ASAM Board Member Dr. Stephen Taylor Participates in Panel Discussion of the Nation's Addiction Crisis

August 7, 2020


On August 7, ASAM board member Dr. Stephen M. Taylor, AMA’s immediate past president Dr. Patrice A. Harris, and Dr. Charles Reznikoff discussed the nation’s drug overdose crisis and COVID-19. The conversation covered a range of topics, including the AMA Opioid Task Force’s recently published 2020 Drug Overdose Report.

Specifically, the panel members examined the rising number of overdoses in the country even as clinicians have dramatically curtailed their opioid prescribing. Drs. Harris and Taylor stressed that those suffering from addiction have increasingly begun using substances other than opioids. Dr. Taylor noted healthcare systems must address increasing overdoses across the country as an addiction issue, instead of trying to combat the individual substances that those suffering from addiction choose to use at any one time. The conversation also focused on the social determinants of addiction, as well as the importance of distributing naloxone, treating incarcerated and newly released populations, and working with third party payers to expand access to addiction treatment.



Watch the discussion here.