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ASAM Leads Coalition Letter Sharing Serious Concerns About the BCRA

July 12, 2017



ASAM led a coalition letter signed by 465 organizations sharing serious concerns regarding the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). The letter emphasized how the BCRA’s proposed changes to the health care system will result in reductions in health care coverage, particularly for vulnerable populations including those suffering from substance use disorders and mental illness.

Specifically, the letter highlights serious concerns with provisions in the BCRA discussion draft that would allow states to easily waive Essential Health Benefit requirements through Section 1332 waivers, end Essential Health Benefit requirements for the Medicaid expansion population, phase out Medicaid expansion and change Medicaid to a per-capita or block grant financing system.

Additionally, the letter discusses how the inclusion of additional targeted grant funding for opioid use disorder treatment and recovery support services does not alleviate concerns with the legislation as the grant funding cannot replace sustainable Medicaid reimbursement.