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NIAAA and Alcoholism Research

Adoption Date:
April 1, 1982

Public Policy Statement on NIAAA and Alcoholism Research


**Note: This historical policy statement is available as part of ASAM's Policy Archives, but it is no longer considered current ASAM policy. Please contact ASAM's advocacy staff at advocacy@asam.org for questions related to ASAM's position on this topic.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine welcomes the Administration's plan to increase federal support on alcoholism research. The proposed FY '83 research budget of $33 million of NIAAA is a major advance toward prevention and efficacious treatment of an enormous national health problem.

NIAAA should maintain its current status and central role in the federal government's efforts to eliminate alcohol-related health damage, and the Institute's research program should continue to expand.

It is imperative to control this disease that costs the nation $45 billion a year and is a major cause of death. The best way to achieve this goal is to maintain a determined, efficient, and well funded National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.